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Friday, October 13th, 2006

Letterman, Colbert and Leno on Foley

Posted by Roberta Jewell
Categories: This 'n that

Colbert Report on Mark FoleyIt’s Friday…may as well lighten up.

I’d decided earlier not to weigh in on the Mark Foley scandal. It’s been overblogged this week as far as I’m concerned. Everyone seems to have an opinion as to whether or not Foley is a closet drinker and how he’s using it to explain his deplorable behavior.

So I defer instead to the late night comics:

“Earlier in the week, (ex-Rep. Mark) Foley checked himself into rehab. But according to the New York Times, many people question his alcoholism claim. That’s when you know things are bad in Washington. When a congressman can’t even be trusted to be a drunk.”
– Jay Leno

“Actually, this scandal with Foley has finally led to some bipartisan cooperation in Congress. For example, Republican leaders had to meet with Ted Kennedy to find out what’s the best rehab center.”
– Jay Leno

“Alcohol is an amazing thing. It turns completely normal politicians into perverts and completely normal actors into anti-Semites.”
-Jimmy Kimmel

¬†“The ex-congressman, if nothing else, is contrite. He says when he gets out of rehab, he wants a fresh start and to turn over a new page.”
-David Letterman

Funniest of all is Stephen Colbert. You can watch recent segments at YouTube. Be sure to check out both¬†Part One and Two of his take on the scandal. As always, he’s hilarious.

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