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Saturday, December 8th, 2007

Baclofen a promising and safe anti-craving medication

Posted by Roberta Jewell
Categories: Medications and research

We’ve been following the drug Baclofen with some interest. The research reported below is very promising, especially for anyone who’s concerned about taking an anti-craving medication like Naltrexone, which is contraindicated for those with impaired liver function. You may remember reading earlier research about an MD who self prescribed baclofen and went on to publish his findings. That article is here.

Baclofen Aids Abstinence in Alcoholics With Cirrhosis
Study finds drug’s anti-craving action, safety could play role in liver treatment

Posted 12/7/07 FRIDAY, Dec. 7 (HealthDay News) — The drug baclofen promotes alcohol abstinence in alcoholics with cirrhosis of the liver, says an Italian study in this week’s issue of The Lancet.The study included 84 alcohol-dependent patients with liver cirrhosis who received either oral baclofen (42 patients) or a placebo (42 patients). Total alcohol abstinence and duration of this abstinence were assessed during outpatient visits. Relapse was defined as alcohol intake of more than four standard drinks per day (a standard drink defined as equal to 12 grams of absolute alcohol) or overall consumption of 14 or more standard drinks per week over a period of at least four weeks. Among those taking baclofen, 71 percent (30 of 42 patients) achieved and maintained alcohol abstinence, compared to 29 percent (12 of 42) of those who took the placebo. The study also found that patients taking baclofen abstained from alcohol for more than twice as long as those taking the placebo — 62.8 days vs. 30.8 days. More…  

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