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Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

Six Ways to Avoid Holiday Booze Blunders

Posted by Roberta Jewell
Categories: This 'n that

Newsweek reporter Temma Ehrendfeld shares tips about how to make it through the holidays. We’re proud that My Way Out was mentioned as a resource to help those in need of support. They’ll find it in our anonymous online forum.

Six Ways to Avoid Holiday Booze Blunders

‘Tis the season for uncomfortable moments if you don’t drink alcohol or are hosting someone who doesn’t. Here are our tips on teetotaler etiquette.

You’ve made a resolution and you’re starting now. Or maybe you or one of your guests made a no-alcohol pledge years ago. Either way, you plan to be merry with the best of them—but without the mulled wine, spiked eggnog or champagne punch. Happily, in these health-conscious times toasting the New Year with a fizzy cider or an alcohol-free wine is more acceptable than ever before, abstainers say. Still, the rules of festive sobriety aren’t always obvious. READ MORE…

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