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Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Drinking May Raise Cancer Risk in Women

Posted by Roberta Jewell
Categories: Medications and research

New research from Georgetown University supports the existing theory about a relationship between drinking alcohol and increased risk of breast cancer. For women predisposed to a specific type of breast cancer (estrogen or progesterone receptor positive) this may mean that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol is hazardous.

In the study over 184,000 post menopausal women were followed for an average of seven years. The research team found that those who had less than one drink a day had a seven percent increased risk of breast cancer compared to non-drinkers. According to study results, women who drank one to two drinks a day had a 32 percent increased risk and those who had three or more glasses of alcohol a day had up to a 51 percent increased risk.

Researchers agree that results are preliminary and more studies are needed to prove a cause and effect link. But women with a familial history of breast cancer may want to take heed and weigh the benefit and risk of moderate drinking.

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