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Good (way not) Morning (anymore), Fabbies!

All good here, busy working and since I'm too lazy to type it out again I'll copy from another thread:

Not quite as 'friggin freezin' as it has been but crap, there's more snow than I thought. Had to lug some stuff to the barn this morning and was rather huffing and puffing and blowing nuttn down by the time I got there.

Speaking of lugging stuff... One of the things requiring lugging was cat food. Lemme tell ya about my 'BARN TOM': He eats like a proverbial horse, he dispels of anything consumed in THE most smelly manner I have ever had the misfortune of witnessing (and in unbelievable quantities), he sleeps in a cushy kitty bed on top of the (heated) tack room (ok, I'll admit, the bed was my idea), and he no longer comes outside with me (God forbid, he might get his delicate paws wet). He has a rough life, indeed. However, and I think I mentioned this before... he IS using the litter box now... which thrills me to bits and I think is really quite awesome, seeing that he's never known anything but a barn.

Oh.. and speaking of barn (or pasture behind it)... my equine friends were feeling mighty spunky this morning.. there was much rolling in the snow, cantering, and butts/hind hooves kissing the sky Quite delightful to watch.

Anywho, I'm back home (at work, whatever) safe and sound and semi-warm.. so all is well. Hope you're having a marvelous lunch with the junior! (That was for Wally)

And now... back to work. Thankfully, one thing is for sure...

Okay, WHO put a stop payment on my reality check?

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