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Old 04-07-2013, 12:08 PM
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Default Baclofen Also Helped Me Quit Adderall And Smoking

Hey guys, I lurked around here about 3 years ago and used Bac to practically quit drinking, or at least SEVERELY cut back, until I got prescribed Adderall and that made me a workaholic / alcoholic again for the last couple years. Before the Adderall I had also quit smoking while taking the Bac and hadn't made the connection that it may have contributed until after the fact. I had some Bac left over from that time and decided to see if it might also help me quit taking Adderall. Low and behold it DID!

I see the question posed from time to time whether or not Baclofen works for other drugs and after my Adderall experience I would have to guess that it does, at least for me. Bac has always given me energy and in my particular case I went up to 60 mg over the course of three days while quickly also going from 30 mg to 5mg of Adderall, and then by the fourth day I stopped taking Adderall altogether and low and behold I could GET OUT OF BED, yay! Quitting adderall in the past has been a pain in that I am completely unmotivated and would rather sleep all weekend and it never seems to let up so after about 48 hours I cave. Now I've been adder all free for almost five days and I can't imagine suddenly feeling "withdrawals" now.

Just thought I'd pass along the good news in case anyone was considering getting off their prescribed dose of adderall. It could not have been easier. Not to mention I haven't had a drink in about a week, which wasn't even my original intention, at least not so soon. It's good to be back to bac.
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