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Old 05-05-2010, 06:58 PM
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Default Mixing baclofen with alcohol

I've been using Bac for about six months, 40-60mg daily, and it's had a definite and positive effect on my drinking. However I'm still drinking, just a lot less these days.

Let's say that I drink 2-4 drinks every evening before dinner (1 or 2 doubles). Usually my last Bac dose for the day is taken around 3pm. My concern is with the possible negative effects Bac may have on the kidneys and other internal organs when mixed with alcohol.
Bac comes with warnings about possible kidney side effects and, of course, alcohol also effects kidneys.

Does anyone have any information on this or can at least point me in the right direction?

Both doctors I've asked don't seem to really know the answer to this. The typical response is that both Bac and alcohol are CNS depressants, ergo dangerous in combination (like alcohol and tranquillizers). Is Bac actually a CNS depressant? Moreover, at what levels does this combination become dangerous? Is 60mg Bac over the course of 8 hours mixed with 4 units of alcohol consumed in 1-2 hours damaging over either the short or long term?

Thanks to anyone who can help with this.

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Old 05-05-2010, 11:45 PM
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I take drinking and Bac seriously. I hit my switch at 270mg and drank pretty much the whole way up. I hesitated for a long time while I was dosing up because I became worried about drinking and taking Bac. Please read the post I made in this thread at the bottom of page 3:

just starting out on baclofen today-urgent questions

Also, my APRN (counselor who can prescribe medicine) had no problem prescribing up to 80mg of Baclofen knowing full well that I drank 9-12 beers every single night. I later told her that I was dosing up to reach the switch and she said nothing about drinking and titrating up at the same time.

If anyone wanted to kill baclofen as a cure for alcoholism, all they would have to do is start screaming how dangerous it is to take them together.....no one is doing this!!! That strikes me as very interesting.

There are a ton of drugs that say you should not drink alcohol at the same time you take them. My antidepresants all have said that yet I took various ones throughout the years while being an alcoholic and I am none the worse that I know of.

Now, I am clearly not a doctor and I am NOT offering medical advice. I could be completely wrong and kick the bucket tomorrow because I drank and took baclofen all the way up to 270mg before I hit the switch but all signs tell me that the worst that will happen is that you may be more sleepy or more dizzy if you drink while taking Baclofen (like Zenstyle was saying).

Dr Levin who is following Dr. A's protocol is NOT telling his patients they must quit drinking. This was confirmed by Corkit who is a patient of his and who is still drinking last I read.

Even Dr. A is not coming out warning people that they should not drink while taking baclofen.

Take this all with a grain of salt, but I am so grateful that I continued on my path even while drinking because now I am FREE!

By the way, in the range you are talking about, the article that I point to in my post on the thread mentioned above says basically that you should have no adverse effects from drinking and taking bac together. It is the higher bac doses that we have no info about (to my knowledge).

Good Luck!!


PS. If you want to read my story you can find the link on this thread:

41 year old Female Reaches Baclofen Switch at 270mg
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