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      Re: One Step at a Time - February 2017

      Hey all. Beautiful Sunday here. Spent a lot of time outside. Walked, washed Erin's car and sat on the front steps with the kids, just like when they were little CJ and I made lasagna which she will take some of to joe in St Croix. Really a pretty darn good day!

      Changes, welcome! Please do hang out here with us!

      Pauly, I haven't been to IHOP in ages! Hubby and I would go there on Friday nights after he worked late and I had to be up early on a Saturday to work. Those were the days! Did you see my picture today of Lucy? She loves the park!

      Skendall, I will manage to keep myself busy when the kids are out. I would never impose upon them. Life moves on, I know. The kids joked about it today as we were walking, "she can't wait for us to get out!" (Meaning me). "She's already gave the baby my room!" (Mark). Gotta love them!

      Techie, I'm friends with mama on FB and although she doesn't post much, she posts positive things. Always looking at the bright side that one.

      Nora, I did not all that about Mama. Thanks for filling in some of the blanks. Let her know we were asking for her!

      Rusty, AG, glassie, hello. Hope you're doing ok. Wishing you all a quiet restful AF Sunday night!

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      Re: One Step at a Time - February 2017

      Hi friends! A good day here . . . I had 15 people for lunch. They were from my church so no need to bother with do I serve wine, etc. Water, soda, and coffee all around! It went well. I made a meat and a veggie lasagne (Liz! great minds think alike!). It took a little more energy than I expected as I did everything myself. Last night, while cooking, I had the nagging "wouldn't it be nice" thought which I quickly got rid of by watching 2 hours of the Crown on Netflix in the kitchen on my laptop. (It was perfect, my thoughts were completely consumed.) The good news is, this morning as I was driving to church, I thought, wow, how nice it is to have a clear head. I would have been through a bottle or more and felt like crap. This was so much better, I could focus on the people I was hosting and not my physical and emotional struggles. Such a relief.

      It took all I could muster energy-wise to cook for the boys tonight! Even with a big meal at 1:00pm, they are ready for their dinner. With hubs gone, we've eaten out the last two nights which is a lot for them. So thankful I didn't have to nap this afternoon to "sleep it off" and could motivate myself to cook a quick healthy meal for my boys. They were so happy.

      Thanks for asking about Mama, I was wondering how she was doing. Please tell her hello!

      SK, I have heard that statistic about empty nesters going to the bottle. Retirees too. Change is tough.

      Sorry for the ramble!! Make it a great Monday all! AG

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      Nora, you truly are a blessing to many of us here!
      Quitting and staying quit isnít easy, itís learning a whole new way of thinking. Itís accepting a new way of life, and not just accepting it, embracing it...

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      Re: One Step at a Time - February 2017

      Glad you were able to log on Cowboy. Zach wrote back and said it was fixed.
      "Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.".....Carol Burnett
      AF - 7-27-15

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