MAE. WF, you write funny and newsworthy posts, thank you.

Nora, I had a feeling that you were depressed. Funny how we can read each other's mood "online". You have many, many reasons to be depressed.

Had the follow up today for the knee surgery. The wound was looking red and angry because of the pulling I was about to take those sutures out myself.

Have to show up at hospital tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. and it's a bit of a drive. Not sure of my limitations other than they release me tomorrow as well. The method of surgery has a name I'll find it later. The nurse tells me I can walk out and the brochure tells me I will have 70% of function after 2 years.

The meniscus surgery was more painful than I expected. But every day is a day closer to healing........

Someone asked about the Thundershirt and I have one that is of little help. I noticed yesterday that they now have a spray. I watch the hour by hour weather and an hour before the thunderstorm I play her music Paws and Reflection. May have to see vet for valium. I have to take Peggy over to Andrea's again and I don't know how long she will stay. I bought her some stairs because she needs a boost to get into my car.

Talk later.