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  1. Quiz - What Kind of Drinker am I? Use to help yourself!
  2. Sample Explanations of Bio-types
  3. THIQ in Brain, you can recover!
  4. Addiction is not all in your mind!
  5. Is there an Alcoholic Personality?
  6. Supplement formula to help with Anxiety from HRC
  7. More Helpful Supplements for Recovery Issues
  8. Help with Emotional Recovery
  9. The Brain, Alcohol and Diet 101
  10. Dry-Drunk Syndrome/Hypoglycemia
  11. Alcoholism/Metabolic Chaos
  12. Alcholism/Fixing the Brain
  13. Alcohol/Fixing the Brain 2
  14. Alcohol/Healing the Body
  15. Alcohol/Reconnect to the Spirit
  16. The Alcohol Diet
  17. Protein Nutrition and Mental Health!!
  18. Mood Foods/Aminos From the Diet Cure
  19. More on Aminos from the Mood Cure
  20. DL-Methionine and detox
  21. Alcohol and Depression
  22. Straight talk about the Craving Meds
  23. great new site!
  24. Hypoglycemia Diet..Excellent with sample meals
  25. Hypo Diet 2, length for results
  26. BW Baclofen article
  27. article re: coffee may help prevent cirrhosis
  28. Alcohol effects on Hormones
  29. Do Hormones make you want to drink??
  30. Alcohol Triggers
  31. Alcohol Cravings and Serotonin
  32. Medications for treating alcohol cravings
  33. SAM-E, Detox and Depression
  34. Alcohol Genes??
  35. Genetics of Alcoholism
  36. Natural help for anxiety and insomnia
  37. The clinicians guide-2005
  38. Amino Acids Basics
  39. Relapse Prevention Plan
  40. Sobriety Toolkit
  41. Detoxifying the Body
  42. Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses Alcohol Meds with CNN
  43. Good site for continuing alcohol studies
  44. UCLA Study, Alcohol/Brain/GABA
  45. The Art of Hypnosis
  46. Another Alternative Approach to Cure
  47. Assessing Craving for Alcohol
  48. What to eat to help prevent alcohol cravings.
  49. Anyone using acamprosate (sold by Merck as Campral)
  50. Zoloft Xanax users
  51. GPs Pressured For Anti-Depressants
  52. the ashton manual for benzo withdrawal
  53. withdrawing from anti-depressants
  54. my recipe for insomnia
  55. new news article 29 Dec
  56. Levels of drunkenness
  57. Topiramate research article
  58. zyprexa
  60. Serotonin Syndrome from Anti Dep?
  61. Moderate drinking and breast cancer
  62. Ongoing Toprimate Research
  63. Monkey Alcohol Video
  64. Nicotine and alcohol
  65. 2 articles on the moderation/abstinence debate
  66. My partner wants a baby girl please help!!
  67. My partner wants a baby girl please help!!
  68. Research project
  69. Please
  70. I am a functional subtype what about you?
  71. When does the AF irritability stop?
  72. Stretch your Brain
  73. From Prevention Magazine
  74. Booze news
  76. Epsilon Alcoholic
  77. General Questions
  78. Is alcoholism really a disease???? here is some insight
  80. There is NO Mind-Body Connection????
  81. Loud music in Bars increases alcohol consumption
  82. alcohol is bigger killer than ciggies !!
  83. Self control...have you got it ??
  84. The effects of drinking and driving
  85. Interactive site
  86. Alcohol Neuropathy
  87. Harm Minimisation/Harm Reduction
  88. Baclofen; we missed the boat on a book deal
  89. Alcohol and breast cancer
  90. Old news; but still GOOD NEWS for moderate drinkers
  91. From Modder thread:Wine May Lower the Risk of a Rare Esophageal Cancer
  92. Anything good about beer??
  93. Alcohol, Injury, Accidents, and Violence
  94. Alcohol causes impotence (Yes, even beer)
  95. Even low to moderate alcohol consumption increases risk for cancer
  96. Addition at bottom...
  97. Alcohol may be bad for your heart, even in small quantities.
  98. Much information! Well done!!
  99. Alcohol and sleep disruption.
  100. Pancreatitis and alcohol ads.
  101. interesting...
  102. yum yum...coffee!
  103. Women recovering replace passion for AL
  104. Is it EVER safe to drink and drive?
  105. Alcohol Problems More Serious for Females
  106. 9 types of binge drinkers
  107. Home poured drinks not standard sizes
  108. Why L-Glutamine works!
  109. Best Place to get NALTREXONE (especially in UK?)
  110. Don't want to scare anyone, but...
  111. Thought suppression is counter productive ...
  112. Can you help with this research about support groups? See contact details ...
  113. Rapid recovery with abstinence
  114. for home-detoxers: How to Taper off Alcohol
  115. 1 in 25 deaths caused by alcohol
  116. Soul Recovery
  117. Vodka deaths in Russia
  118. Coping with cravings urges to drink
  119. 22 year old dies of liver failure - refused transplant
  120. Not really research .....
  121. Rise in oral cancer due to drinking
  122. Interesting Article on Kudzu
  123. Holiday boozing
  124. White Tongue! Check it out.
  125. Teenage drunkeness worst in UK
  126. Blood group A and Alcoholism
  127. An interesting link on Addiction
  128. Changing habits ...
  129. Inherited Memories in Organ Transplant Recipients
  130. Long-term recovery statistics
  131. Emotions.
  132. Look after your teeth!
  133. Alcohol death toll rising in UK
  134. Web articles/sites and books
  135. That's a lot of vodka!
  136. Alcoholism, It Always Gets Worse (Progressive)
  137. Alcohol deaths rise in UK
  138. obese drinkers face liver double whammy
  139. synthetic alcohol?
  140. Ethanol, Chemistry of Alcohol
  141. Practial Recovery
  142. Hangovers at work.
  143. If you are feeling grumpy.
  144. Drink more than you think?
  145. What is withdrawal actually like?
  146. Cravings or not cravings?
  147. Energy Drinks
  148. Alcohol.....how bad is it?
  149. Identity Management in the Workplace
  150. alcoholism vaccine
  151. A Lifelong illness not a lifestyle choice
  152. Cant stop drinking when you start?
  153. Cancer and alcohol
  154. Scientific American David Linden article
  155. I want to raise awareness of this condition.
  156. Havenia dulcis Asian tree extract
  157. More sex, less booze!
  158. Hooked: Why bad habits are hard to break
  159. Does any1 suffers with Gout?
  160. Nutritional Program for Alcohol Detox
  161. Pain Medication Abuse Prevention
  162. A video about addiction
  163. Neurotransmitter effects
  164. Magnesium and Epson Salt Baths
  165. Aversion Therapy
  166. Boosting Serotonin
  167. Drunkorexia
  168. Selincro(nalmefene) approved in EU - out mid 2013
  169. What supplements?
  170. Where are the papers and the research conducted on reversing tolerance to alcohol?
  171. How can i replenish gaba
  172. Exercise to beat Addiction
  173. kava is a miracle.