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  1. Trying to make it happen
  2. their own characters and engage in all sorts
  3. My Traveled Road
  4. Changing my life
  5. Taking stock of my life with and without alcohol
  6. Need a way out
  7. Moving on to Life
  8. My Journal
  9. My story and baclofen journal
  10. Keeping track of where I am
  11. My Journey
  12. ItsJustMe’s Rocky Path back to Sobriety
  13. My childhood
  14. The Epiphany that Starts My Journal
  15. Focusing on Sobriety
  16. Time to Change
  17. Sober.
  18. The Sobriety Experiment: Chapter Two
  19. Sport's Decision
  20. I'm gonna do it!
  21. Back after long
  22. Just a place to write