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May 18th, 2006, 09:25 AM
I'm brand new... and really need the help. Does anyone out there know of a good healthcare professional in the Minneapolis area who understands / supports the MWO approach? Our doc is a family friend, and I'd rather go elsewhere.


May 18th, 2006, 10:57 AM
Hi Dowonhill,

Welcome to MWO. I sure do understand being anxious about going to your doctor and explaing this. I am very fortunate in that my doctor was very open to the idea of giving this program a try, and of course he is just my doctor, not a family friend!

I am not from Minneapolis, however many people here have had good luck seeking support of the MWO approach through addiction spectialist and those in the mental health fields. For some reason they seem to be more open to trying more innovative approaches such as this.

I my self have been on the program for almost eight weeks now with great success! I am currently at 250mg of topa, I take all of the supplements, do the hypno cds, and exercise daily. I will tell that this program works, but you need to be willing to put forth the effort!

This board is full a wealth of information and support, and truly has been my saving grace! Best of Luck to you as you begin your journey!


May 18th, 2006, 11:04 AM
Thanks, Donna...

Reading the posts has been very inspiring, and encouraging. It seems that my situation... highly functioning, but really dependent, is much more common than I thought. I guess that's the power of community. I need to fix this before the functioning part isn't working any more.

Here's hoping someone in the Twin Cities has a lead on a doctor or mental health professional who can help!


May 18th, 2006, 11:21 AM
Yes DH,

I hear you on the "funtioning" part! I was very close to the end my rope when thankfully I found this site. I do hope you can find a doctor soon. Tell me, have ordered the book, the cds, and the supplements yet?


May 24th, 2006, 02:56 PM
Hi friend:
I have just "started" as well, and work in the st paul area. Let me know if you find someone to prescribe topamax. I am going to my doctor on Thursday. wish me luck. In the meantime, if you have any luck let me know.
peace out.

May 25th, 2006, 01:07 PM
Hi, all.

We're asked this question so frequently, both on the board and here at HQ, I thought I'd use this opportunity to post a response publicly. Finding a health care provider is so important in getting started and achieving success! Here are some tips:

* If you have difficulty locating a doctor or don't wish to be seen by your present physician, look for an ?addiction specialist? in your phone directory or call your state or region?s medical board for a referral.

* Consider seeking the counsel of a physician at a research or university hospital if there?s one nearby. And remember, this therapy is relatively new, but usually not unknown by those in the mental health and addiction fields.

* If you live in the US, you may wish to look into the online Substance Abuse Treatment locator, found here (http://dasis3.samhsa.gov/). While its primary focus is residential treatment, it's possible to find a suitable physician with this system. We recommend selecting the ?Mental Health Services Locator? tab on the left and then use the pull down menu to find your state. You should be able to locate a number of resources which can serve as an excellent starting point.

* If your goal is controlled drinking and you live in the US, look to Moderation Management's "Therapist Finder", again linked in our research area and available here (http://www.moderation.org/therapist_finder.shtml).

It may be helpful to print out a copy of the May 2002 Lancet article regarding the original topiramate study and bring it to your appointment (or send it in beforehand). You'll find it under "New Treatments and Medications" in our Research area, linked from the top of this page. Also consider bringing articles in which the MWO program has been featured. They include the June 2005 Newsweek (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/8100267/site/newsweek) which quotes Dr. Linda Garcia, MD, medical director of the My Way Out program. MWO is also mention in an August 2005 Wall Street Journal (http://www.uchc.edu/ocomm/features/stories/stories05/feature_alcoholpill.html) piece and most recently, an online May 2006 wired.com (http://www.wired.com/news/technology/medtech/0,70682-0.html?tw=wn_index_1) article.

Hope that helps. Looks also to this board for support and tips from others who have been there. You'll find no better advice.



May 26th, 2006, 06:03 AM
Went to the dr myself yesterday and got the prescription...took some courage talking to the doc, but i brought him all of the articles and he was cool. gave me a one month supply and put on the diagnosis -insomnia. cool guy. i see him in a month to let him know how it is going. let me know how your luck with a doc goes. i am rooting for you.

May 26th, 2006, 12:40 PM
Hey can you go on your health insurnace's website and do a search under internist? Or maybe even a psychiatrist (and bring printouts of a whole bunch of reasearch from this site for whatever meds you want). That's what i did.