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October 30th, 2007, 11:22 AM
i think i was doing quite well last few weeks .. theni fell off the wagon
ive definatly got a addictive personality . ie enough is never enough not just in terms of booze . but lets say if thier was a writer etc i was interested in id just buy all the stuff
. then feel guilty for buying it .
i think my problem is that i cant seem to find any middle ground its all or nothing thus the alcohol cycles begin again .. even tho im doing really well
aprt from caring for my mother . i do volountary work and gardening wheni can get it ..
meds are useless to me ive been on everyone over the years
.. other than that at last ive got a place in group psychothreapy which starts next year and it took all of 8 months just to get that .
i eat as healthily asi can and take my supplements so i just got to carry on
life is what you make it so they say . but idont think the universe , god or whatever can fault me for trying

October 30th, 2007, 12:10 PM
Hi jay,
You`re doing all you can.......I`d say you`re doing your very best.........caring for your mum, your voluntary work and your gardening.......you`re keeping yourself busy.
You`re making good use of the tools you find helpful to yourself........I think you`re doing great. Good luck with the therapy........a bit of a bummer that you had such a long wait, though.

Much love,

Starlight Impress x