View Full Version : Little Johnny

March 13th, 2006, 01:01 PM
So this one day @ school the teacher tells the class they're going to try something new. She says she wants to have 1 student at a time come up front, then she'll blindfold them, and put something in their mouth. Then they have to guess what it is, from taste, & desriptions.
They go thru 4 or 5 dif. things... orange,lemon, cheese,ect...
Then she has Little Freddy come up. She blindfolds him, and puts a Hershey's kiss in his mouth. He can't quite figure out what it is, so she gives him a hint....
"OK, What's your Mama give your Daddy every morning before he leaves for work?"
LIttle Johnny jumps up from the back and yells ..."SPIT IT OUT!!! IT"S A PIECE OF ASS!"

PS Bet you'll never eat a Hershey's kiss with a straight face again! HEHEE Judie