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August 30th, 2006, 09:24 PM
Good Thursday Morning, Abbers!

How are you all this morning?? I hope you are all well and well rested!

I want to give a warm welcome to Mike. Hope you'll put in your two cents frequently around here! And Lucky, there's no pressure to post, but I hope that you will feel welcome to post whenever you want! I'm glad you're hopping on the Abs Wagon! It's always nice to see you, too, Susan!

I'm looking forward to Gabby taking the reins next week, and after that Nancy and Belle. I think you will each have something unique and special to offer. Then we'll see about someone else!

Jenn, I don't count days either, I have about 3 consecutive weeks now, I think.....:H but I'm not really counting. I know I'm starting to feel more comfortable, and that's good enough for me.

Dieann, there's always a lesson to learn from a slip, and I'm glad you're back. Good luck with your Atkins plan. I've gotten to the point with carbs that I feel lousy when I eat the wrong carbs!

And you, Mr. Mack, I saved you for last, sir!! I know you're hoping that I won't notice that you mooned us all yesterday, haha!!! But I saw those chubby cheekers!! I also noticed you trying to act like you're doing US a favor by not running for Mayor. How about if we make you a Knight, or even a Prince for a week??? Given your antics of dropping your shorts, we can all address you as "Your Royal Heiney!":H

Happy Thursday, with Love
The Honorable
y: Book Antiqua;">Young At Heart

PS: I know this has been a light-hearted post, but I'll be on a little later with something more serious to say!
More love:h Kathy

Going Strong
August 30th, 2006, 09:49 PM
Hi Guys,
Just realised I haven't posted since Tuesday (But I have been good!) I read all the posts and think I'll come back later and do it then forget. I thinks it the dead brain cells fault. I did a flippant post last time about the counsellor I had an appointment with as I think deep down I was really hurt that they don't seem to see that I do know what I am talking about when it comes to alcohol and not my doctor or this counsellor asked what website was I talking about and had no interest. Grrrrrrrr..............I just get so frustrated! Glad to see everybody here and I don't count my days anymore either only cos my mind starts to play tricks on me! So its always best for me to take "one day at a time". AA does have some good sayings that I remember from when my Dad was going. My favourite is......................."it's not the last drink thats the problem, it's the first" and that so applys to me. Thats why I am here! Welcome Mike, I love having the men on board as well.
Talk to you all soon

August 30th, 2006, 11:34 PM
Hi everyone, just a quick one here. Havent caught up with posts so am just popping in for today and only see Kathy and Shas. Hey gals. Shas, looks like you are going well, keep it up. Kathy.. do you feel like sticking to abs yet or does it still feel temporary?

Things remain well with me. I dont intend to fall off this wagon, I can tell you.. its not worth the pain.

August 31st, 2006, 07:39 AM
Morning all, still abs but don't have my cleanse kit yet and I really hope that I get it today, because I want to begin full bore for 1 September and just have that daily thing going in sync with the month. Much easier for me to track and stay motivated that way.

Anyway, still hanging in there, work is crazy, the animals have fun taking over the sleeping quarters, but it's almost the weekend and there is much to do. BTW, it's odd that I began to celebrate with drinking as I got older because I was raised Mormon and all of the rest of my family still are, so they never drink, with the exception of my younger brother, who learned how to make his own beer...which was yummy, but he's slowed down alot too because he got into a bit of trouble with it, so it probably is a genetic thing with my family.

Have a great day all..

August 31st, 2006, 07:53 AM
Good morning all!
This is the first place I come (after I brush my teeth!!) in the AM and it is such a comfort!
Blessings to you all this beautiful day - the sun is shinning here - YEAH!!!
I agree with you Shas about the first drink, not the last being a problem.
Hey, if you haven't read RJ's post in General Discussion already - she is looking for feedback there. It might help her to go to Amazon and leave some positive feedback on her book to boost sales.
Kathy, you are an awesome MAYOR!!
I look forward to getting to know all of you better.
Oh, and Brigid, I know EXACTLY what you mean when you say falling off the wagon is not worth the pain. OUCH!
Not sure if any of you saw my posts about my 20 year old daughter's problems with alcohol. Want to let you know that she is doing well - has even decided that she should stay away from alcohol for a time - at least until she is legal. That would be a year. I found out that since she had her dui/mip that she has been paying for her friends cab rides when they have been drinking and want to drive home. My sweet angel. My sweet BROKE angel!
Anyway - blessings to all and have an awesome Thursday.

August 31st, 2006, 08:21 AM
Hiya All,
Happy Thursday, Been out with the monsters this morning buying all new school uniforms,shoes, pencil cases, bags, coats,the list is endless. We still have'nt finished,we gotta go to another town to finish em off...Costs an absolute fortune but its nice seeing em all go off first day of term like they all just stepped out of a catalogue....But they come home at 3.30 looking like the cast of Oliver...So whether its worth all the effort,i dont know.
Right gotta hit the shops again...You look forward all week to payday and in our house its usually all gone by dinnertime.
Nice to see all the New and Old faces around here.I'm looking forward to tonight....Will sit down at the computer,feet killing,cup of tea in hand,pack of biscuits,and just chill and catch up here.....BLISS.
Have a great day all..............Macks

August 31st, 2006, 08:25 AM
aug. 31

Hey all,

I will be joing the abs train again for september. Did not do so great last month and had wine the last two eves. Yet, I stopped at ONE glass - it was a big glass, but I had only one. So, no hangover either morning. Pretty cool. Still, I only racked up 16 alcohol free days last month and I like to be around 20 or 25. So, count me in.
I feel a nice long period of abs is in order, especially with work starting in earnest.

Have a boatload to do today and am going to schedule that stupid mammogram. I had the whole month and did not do it!! My doc wants me in in mid-september so better get on it.

Well, I am off to make coffee and start going through email. I will get lots done today with no hangover. That is good feeling!

Take care all, have good days.

August 31st, 2006, 08:57 AM
Good morning Abbers,
Gonna be a hot day here so will be short as I have to get out in the garden and pick butterbeans.

Kathy, I LOVE lighthearted post...........starts my day off :) .

"You're only given a little spart of madness. You mustn't lose it"...
Robin Williams

Speaking of madness......Mac it sounds like the getting kids ready for back to school is going well. Make sure their pants come all the way up to their waists.........unlike their dad's....;)

Shas and Bridget, that 1st drink does lead to a hard fall off that wagon, doesn't it. Still hurts the next day too!

Jenn , you daughter is an angel for taking care of her friends. I know your proud of her!

Cv1..................does this cleanse involve only things taken orally or is there a "water-coffee or something feature??:confused:

It's time for me to make a appointment for that thing too, Pansy...Yuck!

:welcome: Mike and anybody else who want to move into our town!


Nancy & Belle

August 31st, 2006, 09:08 AM
Not as lighthearted - just speaking my heart

Morning Everyone.

Glad to see everone is ok. You are all so funny.

I am officially day 2... after my slip up - well actually great thumping fall from a great height, dragging the mood here down with me. I can't have 1 glass, it tunrs into a bottle, then escalates day after day until I was back to square 1 ( or bottle 4 a day )- which lasted about 2 weeks.. I should have stayed away - because this is called My Way Out - not Let's Shout At Everybody !!!! Didn't eat or sleep or take supps, and genearlly was ANGRY - not at other people - just myself - except you wouldn't have known that judging by my attitude - I just wanted to explain. Nuff of that now.
Anyway Feeling Very Positive. My Vals arrived yesterday couldn't get Librium , I need them because i get Very bad withdrawals, and no point trying to stop without them or else I would end up in hospital again.. Slept for 11 hours and feeling fine.
It's still early days but I am DETERMINED not to go down that road again. It is the worst place to be.
This place is such a happy place to be and I thank everyone of you for making it so.
So Onward and Upwards, and hope to be a fully fledged member again, but yes, day by day is a good way to go..

Love to you all here

August 31st, 2006, 09:08 AM
Hi Everyone,

Been reading the past month but not posting. I was really turned off by all the nastiness that was going on and I am so happy to see things back to normal. Have not been totally abs but also have not gone off the end either (so that's good!). I am hoping to return to Absville (I have a home there and its in need of some care so I thought I'd get to it this month.) Won't be back till middle of next week, but I hope to be back full time then. Hope everyone has a great weekend and happy holiday. Been thinking about you all.


August 31st, 2006, 09:10 AM
ready to start Sept!

Day 28--I am counting days this time. It reminds me of just how much I don't want to have to be at day 1,2,3 again! I hate starting over!

I'll be checking in less this month. I am going to 3 AA meetings a week, my father-in-law just had open heart surgery yesterday and my little kindergartener gets homework everyday--who would have thought that there would be homework in kindergarten! Its fun simple stuff--I can't imagine when the real homework starts!

All is going well so far. I really enjoy my 2 woman's meetings each week. Its good to be able to laugh at ourselves in a group that understands--I do more laughing in those meetings than I do all week. Yet, I really respect their seriousness about this. I really needed it.

Glad to see everyone is doing well and ready to take on September!


August 31st, 2006, 09:24 AM
Hey Abbers!
It's so great to see so many back here in Absville-- and the air feels all sparkly with hope! (Hmmm, I like that--have to use it again!)

Not a long post today, but wanted to wish everyone well and ask y'all to send positive energy in my direction as I try to get over my decades-long phone phobia and make all these calls to organize the clergy (bishops, archbishops, imams, swamis, rabbis, priests, pastors, etc.) for this huge and important interfaith prayer service for the United Nations....I just have this weird...reluctance...to pick up the phone--don't know WHAT I'm afraid of! But I've "suffered" from this for years...doesn't matter WHO I have to call... :confused:

Okay, folks--glad to see everyone, and I'll check in later!
susan (all sparkly with hope!)

August 31st, 2006, 09:27 AM

August 31st, 2006, 10:11 AM
A Little More Serious.....

Hi All!

Hey Shas, I'm sorry that your doc/counselor didn't take your knowledge seriously. Keep talking. Hopefully they will pay attention eventually! Try and get the good stuff that you can from them. Unfortunately, we have to do more educating than we'd like sometimes with this program. Keep on trucking Shas, and congrats on your abs days!!

You bring up such a good question, Brigid! If I could be just how I wanted to be, I would love to be an occasional--or social drinker--namely, that I could have a drink or two when out with friends, but it wouldn't be something that I thought about regularly. I don't know that I could "moderate", really, because then I'd be spending so much time thinking about when I could drink and how much I could drink. The idea of being an occasional drinker is just a dream, and probably a pipe dream at that!! I'm JUST getting to the point where I'm not regularly thinking about drinking and feeling comfortable, and I don't want to mess with that. I do better when I don't think TOO far ahead. I'm not ready to think about drinking in any way, shape or form right now! At any rate, I'm planning on being in Absville for a while. I like it here!

CV, I sure hope you get your kit today so that you can start September fresh! If you are ever interested in talking more about growing up in the Mormon tradition, I'm sure it would be very interesting. I know I am very interested in different religions and cultures!

I'm glad that your daughter has turned things around, Jenn. She sure is laying a heavy pennance on herself, though!!! Mercy me!

Macks, you make me laugh with your image of the kids coming home looking like the cast from Oliver! You always lighten things up around here!!!:H You're not going to respond to my commentary about being Mayor, Your Royal Heinie??? (Yes, I know, I'm a pain in the patoot!)

I hope you'll find time to post with your busy schedule, Pansy, and welcome to Absville! I know you'll have a lot to add to our little town! Good luck getting the cr*p smashed out of your b**bs! Tra-la-la! It's a joy being a girl! (Either singing or ouch emoticon needed here!)

Hey, Nancy, enjoy picking those butterbeans. I feel like my country girl side gets to live vicariously on the farm with you. I always love your day-to-day posts about what you're doing! All I have is a few tomato plants in containers!! I'm sure Belle is a great help as well. And also good luck with that thing that Pansy has to do too. Yuck is right!

Keep the faith Bambs! I'm glad that you're hanging in there. You've got Valium to help you detox?? We don't want to see you go down that road again either, sweetie. So now we'll work on building bridges instead of burning them, right??? :) Let us know how we can help.

It's good to see you back, Kate. I'm glad you kept reading, even if you didn't post. It's always disturbing when things get out of hand on the board. I've been around long enough to know that things always do get right again. Anyway, welcome back!

Kim, I'm glad that you've found a way to make things work for you between MWO and AA. Come and post as often as you like. I'm happy for you that you are doing well! I hope your FIL does well with his surgery, and your child enjoys kindergarten.

Anyway, I'm off to sew, and try to secure things around the yard from what's left of Ernesto. I have a few plants out there that might get toppled over, so I just want to be sure. We sure need the rain, although not all 8-10" at once!!!

Oh, Susan, good vibes being sent. I would find the job a little intimidating myself! It sounds like a very worthwhile thing to psych yourself up for, though, an interfaith service. So I'm beaming them atchya, up there in NYC!!!

And good luck as school starts, Gabbs. I know you're going to be up to your ears in work, so lots less time to think about drinking (or drink for that matter!) Great to see you here!

Lots of love,:l :h

PS: This isn't a post--it's a chapter in a book!

August 31st, 2006, 11:23 AM
Hello Everyone!

Just popping in to say Hi. I'm glad to see all of you here! Today I am officially 1/3 of the way finished with treatment. I have also been abs for 8 weeks today. Have a great day and keep up the good work!


August 31st, 2006, 12:35 PM
I know what you mean about not being able to have one glass. Hey, the first step to solving a problem is recognizing one, right? Brave of you - being honest with ourselves when we have messed up is not always easy but sure beats the alternative!
Have a great day!

August 31st, 2006, 12:49 PM
Back to answer a couple of questions. I was making some clarifying statements to some of my posts in the research forum, so hopefully, 90% of the folks are happy now ;-).

Nancy and Belle, the cleansing is mainly oral, but you can use some water assistance in the later more intense phases, but it's mainly oral. If you go to the www.ariseandshine.com (http://www.ariseandshine.com) website, on the cleanse page, they have a link to a free cleanse guide, so you can take a look if you are interested. But, it's a full internal body cleanse from top to toe, so I'll try to stay stoic the first few days, which will be the most difficult to get into the rythym. I'll go shopping tonight with my fruit and veggie shopping list to get the first few days supplies to get me through the labor day weekend.

Kathy, if you ever want to talk about mormonism, just email or pm me. My experience might be a bit different from others because I was raised in Utah, so we were predominant. They still have funny liquor laws there, but so does Pennsylvania, and they don't have many mormons...:H

Good to see everyone else is working, trying to get healthy and keeping that monkey off of the back.;)

August 31st, 2006, 03:24 PM
I am not a freaking idiot

This should probably go under the venting thread, but I am more comfortable here.

I have been having an extremely hard time getting to sleep each night since Sunday. Actually, this has happened every single night since quitting drinking--except on weekends my hubby lets me sleep in, so weekends aren't that bad. I can't fall asleep until 2:30a and I have to be up at 6:30a. Four hours a night is not enough for this girl. I have tried the metalonin, sleep CD's, Calms--everything. Over the counter sleep medicine makes me sick the next day--and dopey. Since I am at my wits end here I finally called my doctor's office to ask for something to help me sleep.

It was hard enough talking to the doctor about my drinking to get anatbuse--but miss perky nurse calls me to ask all about my drinking and the anatabuse. Embarassing! Then miss perky calls me back to tell me to take metalonin or over the counter medication. I tell her did that, done that. I explain that I am getting 4 hours of sleep and I can not continue like this. Miss perky calls back to tell me that he feels that it would be inappropiate to give me sleeping medication because of the drinking and that I need to exercise. I explain that I have done that too. I politely explain that I can not function during the day, thanks and I will be trying another doctor. Does the doctor not get the fact that lack of sleep can cause a person to drink!!!! What pisses me off is that had I not finally come clean on the drinking thing he would have written the script without a problem. What else gets me--is everyone I have spoken to that has come out of rehab goes home with a script for something to help them sleep.

Frustrated, angry and just plain tired! I have dinner with my sponsor tonight so I will talk with her about it. Just had to release--otherwise I would probably be dreaming up that this would be a great reason to drink!

August 31st, 2006, 03:36 PM
Hiya Absville,

Its 9pm here and just sitting down now with my promised tea and biscuits....I sound like an old man...It used to be beer and fags...Oh well i better go and buy some slippers then...
Hiya Gabby you little red druggie, your quite right to be proud of your 86 days...That is unreal...I know how hard it gets and i'm very proud of you aswell.
Susan, i'm really bad on the phone aswell.I just go blank most times. Even on chat here,i get a mental block.Its good your popping in more now..Absville is missing you.
Jenn, this is the first place i come in the morning too, except i brush my teeth after, makes my tea taste like mint otherwise.Yeah tea,cig,and wake up catching up in Absville...The cigs are the next thing to go..Just gotta get a better grip on this first.
Kathy,sorry...Your Honour,keep up the brilliant work you are doing an excellent job here.Absville is turning from a Hamlet into a town...We're gonna have to build a few more houses(with your permission)....Oh and a snooker hall...and a swimming baths....I was'nt question dodging by the way...I think i like the sound of Knight.....Do i get a sword?
Bubba,i'm glad your in a positive frame of mind,it makes all the difference.I could'nt get Librium at home either, my doc said it was too much hassle for him (nice bloke).Have you ever heard of Antibuse? Its somthing i was concidering if my detox didnt work.
Cv1,stupid question time...What is Morman?
Pansy,it will be brilliant to see you in Absville...We've spoke a few times in chat and you come across as being really friendly.
Kim,well done for day 28 and Brigid well done for day 537273. or something like that...I know its a lot.Marcie brilliant for 8 weeks aswell.
Kate, well done for not going overboard.
Hello to Diane and Shas and Nancy & Belle,i wish we had some of your weather Nancy.
Mike, ok deep voice time.......Guy to Guy talk....What washing powder do you use, i use Bold but its getting really exspensive......Hehe.....Just joking was gonna ask you if you followed or supported a team...I'm a big Manchester United fan...I dont think that means a lot where you live...or does it?
Right thats me finished...Gone on with myself long enough...Take care all Love Macks:l

August 31st, 2006, 05:07 PM
Mackers..your a babe!!

With you bein in UK too would really appeciate any advive on my last post on monthly abs...v long v deep!! if you feel you have to do it through pivate messaging then cool but if not maybe others could benefit from your advice?? cheers babes

Love ya loads chicken

Lou-Lou x x x

August 31st, 2006, 05:09 PM
Hey Mack, Mormon is a religion but outside of the states it's probably referred to as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, started by Joseph Smith in the 1800's. They were quite a persecuted lot and kept moving west and settled the Utah territory, then they abolished poligamy so that they could become a valid state in the United States.:)

Quite a healthy lot, no drinking, smoking, caffeine, moderation in everything, etc, etc.

August 31st, 2006, 05:11 PM
Hi Everyone --

This is likely to be a short post as I'm home recuperating from oral surgery and am a bit goofy on painkillers. (Who needs alcohol when you have narcotics?) Today is Day 3 AF for me although my official goal is to quit drinking September 1. Wow that's tomorrow, isn't it?? I have one of those little airplane bottles of gin -- I had been planning to have that as my last drink before moving into Abbsville. That's the only alcohol I have in the house and I'm not going to bring any more across the threshold. Anyway... I'm glad to be here with the rest of you wonderful & interesting folks.

Memarcie -- good to see you are still around, I remember we talked last fall sometime.

And Macks -- I usually use Tide with bleach alternative. It's expensive but worth it, LOL. Actually I don't really follow any sports, but do enjoy going to see baseball or hockey games in person when I have the chance. Don't really care for watching them on television -- I end up losing interest & falling asleep!

Looking forward to a great September here in Abbsvile. Thanks for the warm welcome.


August 31st, 2006, 05:31 PM
Wow--what a lovely crowd!

Welcome to all the new abbers, hello to all the regulars, and hey to all y'all lurking--come on in, Absville is great in the fall!

Nothing too profound at the moment.... but Mack, I wanted to let you know that we're not all football barbarians here in the US--I LOVE real football (well, I AM English--Ashford, Kent), and my grandfather played for both Sheffield and Crystal Palace back in the day!

Also, CV, a branch of my family were converted to Mormonism in the late 19th c and immigrated from England to the US--there's a whole pack of folks with my weird last name in Salt Lake City!

Six degrees of separation here! ;)


August 31st, 2006, 06:45 PM
Wow! Busy day in absville! That is good to see!
Kim, I'm peeved at your doctor's office. You're NOT drinking, that's the flippin' point. GRRRR.
Everyone is doing well with the personal messages - wonderful!
Not me though! So I'll just report that I have 29 abs days in August, 13 workouts (been laying low since I started dieting, but I'm getting my energy back), and I've lost 6.5 pounds. Yay me!!!
Sounds like most of us are doing well, with scattered clouds of frustration now and then.
Enjoy abs. It feels GOOD.

August 31st, 2006, 07:44 PM
feeling yucky

Hi Friends,
Sorry I've been so quiet lately. Actually it's called isolating and it's not good. I miss addressing each one of you personally, just too self-centered right now. Alcohol has taken over my life again and I am so ashamed. I have to decide what to do about my screwed up sick marriage. I feel like he's sabotaging my sobriety at every turn. I am very happy not to buy it for myself, but when he pops it open and hands it to me, I'm toast. I have no resistance to it in that circumstance. I wish I could die sometimes. I''ve been with him for 23 years and we have lovely children. Oh dear God what am I going to do?