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September 3rd, 2006, 07:03 PM
Hi everybody,
I just wanted to share something good that happened at church this morning.
There is a young man in our area that has been married several times and has several children. He has been a troublemaker in our area...won't go into details.......he just needed a wakeup call...He got one.....he was in a bad accident this last year and almost died..pulled out in front of a log truck.. He was also arrested on grand thief......and probably some things I don't know about....let's just say.....his life is a mess..
Well this morning the preacher spoke on Nicodemus(John:3:1-7 )and how Jesus told him he must "Be born again"......."Of water and of spirit"..
This young man accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior and was baptized today. Afterward, I spoke to him and he was weeping and said that he wants his children not to do the bad things he did and was just so broken. Please pray for him and his children. I'm not sure, but he may have to do some time for the thief thing....His name is Chuck.
It was so touching.

September 4th, 2006, 07:10 AM
Nancy, i am not a religious person, but was brought up as a Christian, and went to a Church of England School, and my dad is a Catholic... Do you know, reading all of your beliefs and Faith in God, i think I might be starting to turn towards Him... I think maybe He can help me in my troubles. My husbands Uncle was an out and out alcoholic and nearly died because of it ( they live in Canada,) and he turned to God and are now devout Christians, and have been for over 10 years now. It has changed their lives completely and he hasn't touched a drop in those 10 years . So therein lies a lesson ( to me ).

I send a prayer for Chuck and his children, with love from England, and hope that God can help him and give him the strength to endure what is ahead , and God take care of his children.

September 4th, 2006, 09:32 AM
Thank you Liz. You are a special lady. I'm not religious either. I just have a personal relationship with my Father. You can too! He's waiting for you to "phone home". It's 1-800-JESUS. He is your High Priest-you need no other. He answers on the first ring! Speak to him today...He's waiting for you just as if you were His only child.

I love you sister.
Nancy & Belle:l

September 5th, 2006, 10:10 PM
Where in England are you from? The church I go to here in the states orginated from London. I found this church back in May, and interestingly, they have a real heart for people who struggle with any type of addiction. They have been the first church I have ever been to that addresses the fact that Christians are humans just like everyone else, and addresses the underlying wounds that lead to addiction of any kind. Also, that being a Christian doesnt mean that you struggle with the same things anyone else does. It has been so refreshing to find a place that is not preachy and religiously, but that I am actually excited about going. It has been a wonderful help in addition to this program. The pastor is from England though.


September 6th, 2006, 04:01 AM
Hi Allie

I'm from the North West - near to Liverpool.
I have been speaking to Nancy, and decided to attend a couple of Baptist church meetings - i have found 2 Baptist churches in my area - i think that she said that they aren't all preachy. Also ordered a book called The llife recovery Bible, which is geared towards people recovering from addiciton, with relevant bible passages, which I think would be helpful.
Never been religious, and don't want to go all 'God Squad' !!! if you know what I mean, but I think that a little guidance would be a great help at this time.

Hope you are doin ok - I've read your posts, and youare going through an awful time, but you seem to be a VERY strong person.
I hope everything doesn't get too much on top of you hun.
Lots of love and hugs
Liz :l

September 6th, 2006, 07:26 AM
That sounds really good. I have been to some Baptist churches in my life and they are all very solid. Some Baptist churches will preach that it is a sin to drink wine or alcohol of any kind, which I disagree with because there is nothing at all in the Bible that says that. In fact, Jesus himself drank wine many times at various feasts, weddings, etc. (It was actually his first miracle turning water into wine at a wedding when they ran out of wine). However, the Bible is clear to "not become drunk with wine" and warns about being careful who we drink around because we could cause someone else to stumble if they struggle with it. But I also think that is is wise for many Christians to choose abstinence, especially if they feel it is an area of their life that has been such a struggle.

I hear you too about the "God Squad!" I am very strong in my Christian faith and dont know what I would have done, and would be doing right now without it. But I also dont run around saying Hallelujah all the time and have bumper stickers that say "honk if ya love Jesus"...... barf!! I think that makes people NOT want to become a Christian. But God has been so very real to me and come through in ways for me that I know beyond any doubt that could only have been Him. Good luck as you pursue this, and although I do not have that particular Bible Nancy is referring to, I have heard it is excellent and would like to get one myself.

Have a great day!

September 11th, 2006, 01:24 PM
I totally agree with Allie.

We all have to find a church that "fits" us. It is hard to do where I live as there is a baptist church on every corner.

I would love to hear a baptist preacher preach on Jesus' first mircle...water to wine. As you know, we make wine down here on our farm. The problem comes in when you over drink and become drunk or as Allie said influence someone weaker to drink and they overdrink.

What is your church, Allie?

PS.I don't have any bumper stickers! lol

September 11th, 2006, 01:39 PM
Nancy and bell

I have never ever been a religious person...i have not been christened (baptised) and was brought up with no religion in my life at all. I had an episode a few years back when i sort of new i needed help and if i think back on it now i suppose you could say it was a kind of calling...i spoke about this to my long term partner at the time and to a v close friend an i was just laughed at so i just left it. I have never had anything to believe in as this has never been instilled in to me...i have no faith in anything and no god to pray to and no knowledge of anything in that respect. I think it would help me a great deal to have some kind of faith...but i feel like im blind here. Your posts are always so uplifting and always help me...im stuck honey!!! how do you go about developing a faith when your nearly 30 and have ne experience of it at all?!!!

sorry for waffling on..lots a love

Lou-Lou x x x

September 11th, 2006, 09:50 PM
Follow your heart

Hey Lou.............follow your heart.................:h