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January 22nd, 2007, 08:44 PM
A day at a time

"Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof." What beautiful words, but consider them from the New English version of the Bible. "Each day has troubles enough of its own." Now there's a truth.
There was a stand of Poplar trees beside an old country church yard. As the years passed they died off until there was but one standing. It stood strong and bold, but alone, a reminder than nothing stays the same. Even in the passing seasons it reminded all who passed by that everything changes.
There was a time when nothing seemed to change. Youthful energy is like that. There was but the constant forward drive for success - to be, to achieve. Yet somehow life catches up, overtakes us, and all of a sudden we feel that we are loosing our grip. Life is passing us by. It is then we grasp and grovel, strut and strive. It's as though we are being flung off and cast away. It is only by the tips of our fingers we hold on. There are days we feel we are going mad, lost our sanity, no longer coping. To go outside the front door becomes a chore. The shopping, the crowded isles, the unfriendly faces pushing in and squeezing. The office, purposeless, each sheet of paper seems to weigh a tone. Nothing constant, nothing firm.
Growing older, changing feelings, changing environment, changing circumstances - this is life. Maybe we once manipulated and controlled the changes about us, but now we are carried along as if in a swift current, with no longer the energy to fight and shape anything. Deny, capitulate, fight back; what are we to do?
Every moment has meaning. That the changes we face are designed into the system. They are not the product of a fallen creation, or of a "cast off" fleshly nature, rather they are what they were to be. If life didn't drag us to a screaming halt at some point in the forward rush of pubic energy, then we would spend our whole moment oblivious to ourselves. An understanding of our interdependence with our environment, our fellow man, and ultimately our Creator, comes only with reflection upon self.
So we reflect and sense the hand of the Divine, his gentle touch, his whispering voice. We reach out to him and choose to be.
"Each day has troubles enough of its own."

January 23rd, 2007, 10:37 AM
"Be still and know that I am God".....

I had to learn to do this the hard way!
I'm so happy that I finally did.