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January 28th, 2007, 07:42 AM
Goodmorning All,

Day 16AF,

I hope you all have had a lovely weekend and continue to have a beautiful day.

I am doing good this weekend, No problems..and I am happy to say the AF thing is not wieghing heavily on my mind this weekend, and I am finding it easier and easier as the time passes.

I had gotten more into a mental habit than a physical one, and i had just sort of...gotten used to my routine..you know...so now I am getting used to a knew routine.

I had gotten used to stopping at the store everynight for the past couple of years, somethign I have not done now for the 16 days, with of course, the exception, of buying groceries...and I am starting to accept the reality of my new routine.

When I wake up, I know what i will do in the evening now, and to be honest, it is kind of a relief..i was so scared before because i would be drunk by 7pm, and i would always tell myself i wouldnt answer the phone, but by the time i was drunk, i had forgotten, and would always answer, then in the morning I would wake up, see the phone beside me, and my heart would sink, I would think "oh God, what did I do this time"...now when i wake I know exactly what i did the night before, the week before, if someone called me at midnight with a question about something, I remember that!!!!!

I guess my point is...it may be hard at times...but the first couple of days were my hardest, since then, i have found a method, when I find a moment, where i think i could just go back to the way i was, i remember the way i felt in those moment i described in the paragraph above, and the feeling is gone...gone....I am just happy to not be locked up in my home by this anymore!!!!

Thanks for listening


January 28th, 2007, 10:46 AM
It does get easier.

I agree. It does get easier.

I am within 2 days of 60 days AF. I attended a large party last night and did not miss alcohol at all. I did notice however, how little "normal" drinkers drink.

Evenings are better, mornings are much better--I can take this! It feels good!

Best to all,


January 28th, 2007, 04:15 PM
Hi Victoria and Capto and anyone who comes on later.

Victoria, what can I say. your a star.
And Capto, what an amazing effort. I am in awe.
Well done to you both.
Day 8 for me now and I'm feeling fine.