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May 23rd, 2007, 06:15 PM
HI there, i just wanted to say hi and tell my story. My husband is an alcoholic. WE have both been social drinkers (me not as much as him) but in the past year and a half he has been hiding his drinking from me. We have been married for one year and I am 5 months pregnant and the truth finally came out 2 nights ago. He had been having what I thought were absence seizures (we both went to the neurologist and everything) but it turns out after that when I thought he was seeing a new neuro it was all a lie. It was all just being drunk. I am devastated. I have caught him before and he has sworn he would stop. His parents and my parents are now involved. He says now that everyone knows its a weight off his shoulders and he wants to get help. I am so so scared that once again he is talking the talk but will not back it up. I want to believe him but right now its really hard. I dont want to bring my baby into this marriage.

May 23rd, 2007, 06:26 PM
Hi and welcome. well really hard situation you are in...can't write much as I;ve been on her for 2 hours !!! but have read a lot of posts from the drinkers perspective saying that they hate it when their partner sniffs their drink or still checks on them but they also appreciate that their behaviour has broken the trust. This is really early days for you and your husband so you've got a lot of serious talking to do and you must be in shock to discover what you thought was happening (ie visits to the neuro) was in fact, something completely different. I know it's so easy to say but try not to worry, come back to the boards and keep reading and posting. I can guarantee you will have lots of replies very soon and there are also quite a few pregnant (nearly wrote people but it's obviously only women!) women on here, some who are drinkers and some who are partners of. I know they will have some good and reassuring advice for you.
Take care. Bean x