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January 30th, 2016, 03:41 AM
hiya folks ...well how are we all doing then?tis I ..had a little break,just felt I needed it,couple of things were gettin to me,full of manflu, and of course every now and then my blood pressure tabs decide its time that I felt crap...what I will say is thanks to all those who asked about me, both on here and pm...so what have I done? stripped and refurbished a table saw and a scroll saw that someone didnt want..the table saw came up great also finished the cabinet...pics later and also since Jan 1st I have lost 11lb in weight so pleased with that...this year is a holiday year so no doubt there will be lots of eating involved ...ok moving swiftly on..we are now in storm edna or something...its been pretty high winds and rain ,but this aft snow is forecast...I am out tecting tomorrow if it isnt...right brew time

hiya Lav..and hows you then?all good are you ..glad to hear the snow is lifting...but not so happy youve sent it this way!!!so you are sewing cub badges on a uniform then?that takes me back a good few years..wonder if the badges have changed ..you used to get them for camping, housework,reading a map compass etc..guess todays could be about x box profiency, face book and twitter warriors,reading a sat nav etc..heres a brew ..coffee making was on my badge list..got some strange potatoes to try and grow...pink fir apple potatoes...

hiya kuya...how are you?more so ...hows the mode of transport?is it fixable?I hope so..and thanks

hiya pauly ...how are you today then?how did the meal go?it sounds great....thats something you could grow....herbs ..thyme ,rosemary etc..a breeze to do...there is nothing better than a pan of roasted veg with chicken...parsnips,courgette,sweet potatoes red onions,onions all done in the oven....part boil the potatoes n parsnips first then slice them up..season with sage or thyme...yum yum..I grow my own parsnips ..pulled this one last week..the paintbrush is a 1 inch paintgrush just to give you a guide....


hiya det....glad things are coming together for you...you just need to get it together when you feel you need a drink and jobs done ..I understand about not wanting to post when you feel crap!!

hello Sam...how are you mate?Sad about your brother..both Julies mum and dad have got it..her dad more so than mum...dont know about over there, but its getting a lot of publicity to make people aware at the moment...hope you are well friend...

hiya pie...well did you give the door a coat of paint?..here you go as promised..one cabinet....





sooooo my next job is.......if you look at the pic with the plant on it ...you will see a wood plinth in the background between the side of the bath nd the shower...that used to be plastic...it is now wood and needs to be fitted and varnished..oh and I drilled int my finger too!!

hiya ppqp..thanks for your message too...how are you ?whats with everyone xperimentin with food?what have I missed?how is work doing ?are you the boss yet?you should be..hope the domestic side of life has calmed down a bit for you ...

hiya bear..thanks ...hope things are looking better for you on the work front ..or your perspective has changed ...any further forward?

right peeps time to go ...but a big shout gto those not here or I have missed .....thanx ...

When I get home late from the pub.

I'm going to give my wife a right good listening to.

I've just been uninvited from a friends wedding.

Apparently RSVP'ing "Maybe Next Time" wasn't an acceptable response.

People always get so excited about the next generation iPhone.

But no one has caught up with the awesome technology that's called a Turn Signal.

Man: Doctor Doctor, i feel like a cowboy.

Doctor: Really?, how long have u felt like this for?

Man: About a yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrr

Last night I had a massive argument with some guy in a wheelchair.

He was basically just pissed off because I was in his wheelchair.

My new years resolution was to eat more locally grown produce.

However this has been scuppered by my neighbours new year resolution to build a bigger fence between our gardens.

I tried to get to work by train this morning, they said "Today there is a Bus replacement service"

So I gave them a tin of pineapple chunks.

They said "What's that?"

I said "That's my money replacement service."

January 30th, 2016, 05:24 AM
hello there,good to see you Mick - and glad you're feeling better - 11lbs in a month - great stuff.I've lost about 5 I think but am really changing shape,waist coming back,stomach shrinking and feeling fitter - running is working and I'm enjoying it!

Det - so glad to hear from you and that you and DX are ok,good luck with new therapist - are you looking at new job,or new plan at staying sober at all?Stay well.

Job wise I'm now on the sadness stage, I'm laughing at myself as I go through the change cycle - I've had more positive than negative days this week.I have decided that I will go for a lesser role(preferred option) or if not redundancy.

I'm not ready to leave the line of work/organisation - realistically I'm the cheapest by far to get rid of and least experienced of the people at risk of redundancy.
I have also thought positively about having a break.Fingers crossed.

January 30th, 2016, 09:07 AM
LOVE the cabinet, Mick! Did you seriously make it from pallets? The wood is stunning, and the hardware you chose compliments beautifully. I can envision an entire kitchen done with these cabinets.

Yesterday went very differently from what I anticipated. The condo showing cancelled, so I didn't do that, or attempt the painting. Instead, following an unexpected call, I met with a new canine client. They may not need me until the spring, but happy to have them on board.

Pauly, looking forward to hearing how your new recipe went. What do you think about growing your own herbs? I've manged to keep rosemary and oregano plants alive for years with very little effort, and they sure come in handy for cooking.

January 30th, 2016, 09:12 AM
Good Saturday morning Abbers!

Nice to see you back Mick & glad you are feeling better :)
Nice woodwork there, sorry about the finger boo boo. I occasionally hurt myself when I am working too & it's not fun. My grandson is just starting out in cub scouts so I am just getting his uniform put together with the troop numbers & that sort of thing. His Dad went thru all that & earned his Eagle badge when he was in high school, fun times.
Great job on the weight loss, I am jealous. The last I checked I had lost three pounds since Christmas...difficult.

Hi there bear!
Glad to hear you are staying positive about the future. I always had a big fear of the unknown but not so much anymore. For me it was learning to give up trying to control everything. Change can really be a good thing, even if we don't know it at the time. Good job on the weight loss too ;)

Hello to everyone & wishing for a great AF day for all.
I have plenty to do today to keep me out of trouble.


January 30th, 2016, 09:14 AM
Hi there pie - cross post :)

January 30th, 2016, 09:16 AM
Mick, how nice to have back, I was beginning to be concerned it might be a permanent thang, though I totally understand everyone needing a break now & then. Your cabinet is really well one. Pallets, correct? I have a boatload of them here. I recall you and Pi discussing a book on pallet uses?? 11 lbs is great. That has always been one the great pluses for my stopping to drink..weight loss. Dropped about 40 lbs and boy did I need to. Glad you're back! Snow for you??!!

morning Bear, talking of taking a break from MWO or work? Whatever you do, do a positive thing. The work thing... I always found it hard to find a job when out of work, easier when working, why, I don't know. Must be the work mojo thang.

Det, ditto on Bear's comment, glad things are working for you.

Lav, you are correct about my brother, he might be perkier the next time. I took care of my mom in her final years, she was pretty bad off with the same, same drugs, etc. so not a stranger to the whole thing. The weird part of my brother s we parted in such a final and ugly way a few years back. No doubt in my mind he was beginning to have those problems, but I never knew cause he was such a shit all his life to everyone.

off to enjoy the day, enjoy the weekend all

double crossed... morning Pi and Lav!

January 30th, 2016, 10:04 AM
Mae everybody,Mick,great to see you:) well done on the weight loss,I haven't lost a pound:( sadly I think I'm eating good but when I punch it into fitbit I'm always over the calorie limit,what a horse! I'm trying my recipe either tonight or tomorrow, stupidly booked today off a few days ago when I was sick,now I feel anxious with too much time on my hands but I was worried I'd still be sick,oh well I'll work harder next week, that cabinet looks great,I should get into that stuff,Bobbi is shes made boxes,an Adirondack chair,a bread knife,pretty good looking stuff but you've got to have the proper tools,I don't,Sam,I wonder why so many people have dementia? Its gotta be something causing it,just haven't figured out what yet,it seems to be growing these days,hello Bear,Pie,Lav,PQ,Det,SF sometimes NS,gonna dry my fro and take a walk,enjoy your Saturday:)

January 30th, 2016, 10:42 AM
mae Abbers.

Dementia is a weird condition and I reckon quite probly a man created one due to chemical/environmental toxins.

My mum is in a nursing home with quite severe dementia, she is 84 and has been in lala land for two years. Her mum had no dementia and simply died of old age at 94, having suffered a far harder life than my mother. What I am suggesting is that dementia is toxin NOT age induced.

On another level...no matter.... None of us are getting out alive, are we?!?!?

January 30th, 2016, 10:48 AM
Counting calories can get you off track, Paulie. The source of the calories really matters because it is what our bodies do with what we put in that matters. And we do different things with the main calorie sources - protein, carbohydrate, and fat - depending on what hormones those nutrients trigger. The number of calories listed on the package of food is determined by burning that food up in an instrument called a bomb calorimeter and measuring how much energy is produced. The thing is, we are not bomb calorimeters (thank goodness!) so the numbers are pretty meaningless.
This is a pretty good explanation: Why Calories Donā€™t Matter - Dr. Mark Hyman (http://drhyman.com/blog/2014/04/10/calories-dont-matter/)
This article summarizes why we all get so frustrated when it seems like no matter how much exercise we do, we just can't lose weight:
https://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2015/05/15/take-off-that-fitbit-exercise-alone-wont-make-you-lose-weight (https://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2015/05/15/take-off-that-fitbit-exercise-alone-wont-make-you-lose-weight/).
Exercise is fabulous for many things - it's just not all that great on its own for losing weight.
And who knows, the diet and dementia association may also turn out to be causal: From dementia to liver damage, the real toll of too much sugar in your diet | Daily Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2524962/From-dementia-liver-damage-real-toll-sugar-diet.html)

Well, that's my rant for today :wink:.

Hope you're all having a good day and Mick, it's good to see you at the top of this thread :hug:.

January 30th, 2016, 10:50 AM
That's along the use line I was thinking too Kuya,some toxin somewhere in something but where,maybe everywhere,X-post NS,yes I eat too many carbs,not enough veg,all the baddies,I need t get it together, I really only need to lose 10 lbs but my body is holding on to it like glue:(