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February 12th, 2016, 02:31 AM
morn all tis the old sexist ,racist man as described by our good friend malodrama...yep I know I should have ignored him, but it bugged me the fact that the post was so destructive and abusive, despite the fact that someone on the thread immediately below it had gone through the same circumstances..each and everyone of us has their own ideas ..nothing wrong with that, but his post could have been phrased in a less visceral way to show that he disagreed.....anyways cest la vie...So here we are ..poets day it is ...today I am at the dentist..

brew time it is.....

mornin Lav ..how are you today then?hopefully well...good visit yesterday ...plus it only took me 2 hrs to get there!!here you go ..Friday brew...and guess what...the sun was out again yesterday ...cold but sunny!!my daffodils def think this spring job is on now......unfortunately the forecast is s.ow for the weekend..Im sure they just make it up.....

hey Sam how are you then?ok I hope....up at my friends farm yesterday,they have got rid of the last of their woodland sheep...instead they are looking at miniature goats..seems to be a much more viable proposition..the woodlands ,which are a really tough breed have not done well on the moors this winter ..its been a bad un,and the trouble is they dont like inside either!greenhouse I am getting 6ft wide ..10ft long not that big in the grand sceme of things ,but its the biggest I can put in without restricting the view....also going to lay underground cabling to provide outside leccy...first thoughts are to build a raised bed box or 2 inside it.....but they will be on castors..probably 12 inches deep 2 ft long (more pallet wood!!)that way I can grow brassicas indoors without interruption by butterflies..there are other spinoffs going thru my tiny brain but we will see how they develop.....

hiya kuya..how are you?that was some post you put up...there are all sorts of things going on in the world that we kind of insulate ourselves against...I wonder what the not marrying a Maori is?ok I have 2 friends (you know about both of them,) what they do /did ...and their opinions of Maoris wasnt that high...but that was based around as a labour force...the main thing is the girl is safe .....youre a good un..she doesnt know anything about cars does she?:congratulatory:

hiya pie...good for you handing over the booze....hope all gets sorted between your dad and brother......has your visitor been and gone yet?

ns ..I read your post about 3 times...thank you...yes these threads are a microcosm of society outside.....and dependant on where you look that isnt so brill...we are here we all joined for one specific purpose,to beat/control booze in our lives......from that some have found this part of their life now,others a resting place ,others want to help..people stay for all sorts of reasons...ok humans being humans,we then have our own beliefs in various topics, and sometimes we do get incensed by what others write (guilty on both counts)but we are here for one thing ...and mebbes we should stop pause and think before pushing that keyboard..anyways hope you have a great weekend

hiya ppqp,det pauly det et al..have a good one....

A little girl at a wedding asked, "Mommy, why do brides always wear white?"
"Because they're happy," the mom replied.
Halfway through the wedding, the girl whispered, "Mommy, if brides wear white because they're happy, then why do grooms wear black?"

I never wanted to believe that my Dad was stealing from his job as a road worker. But when I got home, all the signs were there.

Q: How do astronomers organize a party?
A: They planet.

Q: What did the blanket say when it fell of the bed?
A: "Oh sheet!"

Q: Why does Humpty Dumpty love autumn?
A: Because Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

Mother superior tells two new nuns that they have to paint their room without getting any paint on their clothes. One nun suggests to the other, "Hey, let's take all our clothes off, fold them up, and lock the door." So they do this, and begin painting their room. Soon they hear a knock at the door. They ask, "Who is it?" "Blind man!" The nuns look at each other and one nun says, "He's blind, so he can't see. What could it hurt?" They let him in. The blind man walks in and says, "Hey, nice figure... Where do you want me to hang the blinds?"

I went to the bank the other day and asked the banker to check my balance, so she pushed me!

Q: Why shouldn't you make fun of a paleontologist?
A: Because you will get Jurasskicked.

Q: What do computers eat for a snack?
A: Microchips!

Q: What starts with E, ends with E, and has only 1 letter in it?
A: Envelope.

One night a lady came home from her weekly prayer meeting, found she was being robbed, and she shouted out, "Acts 2:38: 'Repent & be baptized & your sins will be forgiven.'" The robber quickly gave up & the lady rang the police. While handcuffing the criminal, a policeman said, "Gee mate, you gave up pretty easily. How come you gave up so quickly?" The robber said, "She said she had an axe and two 38's!"

A man who is just married is flying to the Florida Keys for a business trip. His new bride is to accompany him the next day. When he gets there, he e-mails his wife to let her know he made it there safely. When he sends the e-mail, he mistypes the address. In Boston, a grieving widow, whose husband has recently passed away, receives the e-mail. She reads it, screams, and faints. Hearing her grandmotherís cry, the widow's 18 year old granddaughter runs into the living room to see the computer on, with a message that reads, "Dear love, I just got here. Preparing for your arrival tomorrow. Can't wait to see you. Love, Me. P.S. Sure is hot down here."

February 12th, 2016, 03:16 AM
MAE Abbers,

Well Mick ...my trip plans have all turned to shite. Got an email from the UK to say mum in hospital, frail and on oxygen...come soon! Saw mail 5pm Friday arvo, can't find or book locum, have vulnerable teenager for weekend. Ten minutes after seeing mail phone AND Internet disappears for next four hours so snookered.

Will contact solicitors and nursing home in an hour to find out the score. Ho hum.

As far as Maoris suffice it to say they are the equivalent of native Americans in the USA and aborigines in Australia, similar history, treatment and outcome, except the Maori fared better since New Zealand was never 'conquered'. Your friends experienced the 'result' of colonialism. They are a re-emerging people and their culture and beliefs are very much entwined in the general culture here.

Anyway my houseguest is looking fine and relaxed today. I had a phone call from her headmaster today to say that a counsellor will attend the school on Monday so she can start to investigate ways through the problem.

I took her to collect a couple things from home this arvo ...... A little awkward. Grandma was looking very lost watching their 'baby' leave. My heart went out to her. At the same time I could see the body language between them, so much anger from this girl, who has been beaten and emotionally abused.

I expect this will end in her becoming a foster child.... But that is fine. It takes a village to raise a child, the grandparents need some help also ( grandma has a gambling addiction) and they have raised their grandchild the best they know how.

February 12th, 2016, 03:33 AM
.......and Mick, Malodrama is simply a person who failed to get sober here who hates on ANY of us with long term sobriety. He/she is FURIOUS that we DID and he/she COULDNT.

I would pick this is some long term member since the fury is focused on Byrdie/me/you/NS. So I would say someone around Lav's era of joining. Definitely from the USA.

I have no idea how these things work but I don't get how people like him/ Behan keep logging back in to their accounts after their posts get wiped.

On the other hand they are very useful to remind us all what happens to our brains if we keep drinking.

What you are seeing, in writing, is alcoholic brain damage.

Malodrama is not the only one on this forum suffering this type of brain damage.

February 12th, 2016, 08:21 AM
ky...not so sureI could do anything...but dont forget Im only 12 miles from Manchester if there is owt I can do....

February 12th, 2016, 08:40 AM
Good morning Abbers, happy Friday to all!

We are called 'Abbers" for one fantastic reason. We are all ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS here! We set out on a mission to beat down & kick AL out of our lives & that's what we have done. We deserve to be happy & celebrate our success here with each other.
I made a firm resolution 7 years ago to live a happy, healthy & AF life. I have no patience for drama & negativity & will defend my boundaries as needed. A tool like MalODrama is obviously a loser, if we ignore him he will go away.

Mick, we have had some real artic air move in here. It is currently 7 degrees & is supposed to be even colder tomorrow! There will be no gardening activities this weekend, ha ha!
Glad your trip went well yesterday!

Kuya, I am sorry to hear about your Mom. I hope you can work out something to see her soon.
You are obviously a real life saver for that poor girl, bless your heart :hug:
I think you are right on the spot about that angry poster being an old member. I have definitely 'heard' that angry, loser tone somewhere before.

Hello to everyone & wishing a great AF day for all.
I need to take care of dogs & chickens then get myself to Curves where the faces are friendly :)
I will check in later.


February 12th, 2016, 09:01 AM
morning all
Mick, enjoyed the humor this morning, now I have some to pass on to my friends and family! Sounds interesting to make moveable beds for you g-house. Hope you posts some progress pics as you go along.

Kuya, sorry to read about your mother. puts a very different twist on a trip.

I know that excuses are made for abusive posts but I got to say I think Mal is quite aware of what is being typed, as was Behan. Obviously older members who come back to continue the old grudges of the past. While I agree that we need to be understanding, I also need to understand my limitations of what I want to read from a person, how it affects my day, my attitude. I do not need other people's poison so I choose the ignore button. Dam right, I'm selfish.

Det, you doing ok? Pauly, you done disappeared? Lav, snow next week? looking more like it. ol man winter's not letting go! Bear, new job?

How do to all

February 12th, 2016, 07:31 PM
I hope it's not true but I hear it's supposed to go down to 2 or 3 degrees tonight. Goodness :(
My chicken were just fine when I let them out this morning, not stuck together or anything, ha ha!!
I'm sitting directly in front of the fireplace so it's toasty in here.
'm hearing snow on Monday Sam & heavy rain (somehow) on Tuesday - crazy stuff!

Peace to everyone tonight ~ stay warm!

February 12th, 2016, 07:44 PM
Wow, Lav, your really getting the frigid air right now! Enjoy your fire.

Low energy day in Pieland. Dad and bro smoothed over their ruffled feathers though, so that's good. We'll see what tomorrow brings. :)