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July 13th, 2016, 12:59 AM
morn all...here we are home again all safe n sound...Julie ok apart from a headache..it certainly scared me a wee bit when I saw her on the plane ..it was like some kind of seizure..she cant remember it at all...so she IS going to the doctors..not like me...Glad to be home...garden doing wow...going to pick my car up and then the wabbitz ....looking forward to that.well holiday over, I put on a few lbs,like 7...but a lot of that is travelling..he says lyingly.

ok brew time it is....

hiya byrdie..hows you then?nope we never hit anything..though there were a couple of yakky know it all teenagers on the bus that I would happily have dispensed that too...the attitude of the world owes us...

hiya det how are you mate?did you get your pics ok? ice cream???now youre talking my langwige man ....gelatos ..yes please..

hiya pie ...how are you ..ok I hope...how are things with your dad?when I got home in the mail was a tie pin from guide dogs for the blind as a thanks for sponsoring a puppy..I think in total we have sponsored 7 to date..hows your canine pack doing?

hiya Lav here you go ...a well earned brew that crash was in Puglia...picked my first courgette last night....it is pretty big...everything else is doing grand too..cant get in the greenhouse tho!!big..has work started on yours yet?

hiya pauly ...henceforth also known as the triple p (pauly the pretty pyro!!!)hows you and your cherubz doing?..guess what?..me boogie has done ace....not as good as this like.....


tell you what is nice....rolled oats mixed in yoghurt...it also fills you up.....

hiya ppqp..hows you then ..glad you are feeling better ...dont let the ex stress turn to excess in your mind..ex means ex :hug:positive positive

hiya sam you ok mate ..havent seen you for a coupla days
right good peeps orf we go then...have a good one

here we go...the typical dad ..looking after the kidz

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hiya guys....am I too late for the porridge??


First thing this morning, there was a tap on my door.

Funny sense of humour my plumber has.

I parked in a disabled space today and a traffic warden shouted to me...

"Oi, whats your disability?"

I said, "Tourettes! now fck off !"

July 13th, 2016, 05:48 AM
morning all
Mick, glad you're back safe and sound and sounds as if you had a great trip. Hope Mrs Mick is doing better, no history of anything like this? Very thoughtful of you keeping us up to date of your travels.

I have been a little scarce lately, that's true, I look in daily but time management seems to be an issue and then after reading, it is time for me to skeedadle. Speaking of which..... hope everyone has a happy humpday.


July 13th, 2016, 07:16 AM

Mick...glad to see you home safe and sound. Make sure Julie gets to that Doc.

Had a couple of rough nights, actually took an ativan to see if I could get some sleep. Seemed to help, I've just got to breath and try and let the bullsh*t the ex is dishing out in one ear and out the other. This too shall pass.

Will check back after a brew and bit more awake.....:smile:PPQP

July 13th, 2016, 08:42 AM
Mae everybody, well I had a yucky evening, for some reason I was thinking of drinking no stop,so much so that I was getting that dizzy diassociated feeling,upset stomach and shakes,this is the first time since I quit in April that I felt so effed up! None of my usual tricks were working I was just getting goddam irritated,luckily it was nearly a reasonable to go upstairs and lay down so I did,was thinking of that thread do you REALLY wa t to be sober? Well yeah about 90percent of the time, the other 10% NO,got to work on that cuz it's leaving the door ajar,I dunno if it's hubs' job change or work,I found out my coworkers are skimming money off their booth rent and I'm pissed!! My boss doesn't deserve that, they're taking money offfor products,walk oits and other nonsense,I work hard to pay mine in full and on time,I don't see why they can't,greedy hoes!! It's not all of them but a few,I started leaving a check instead of cash cuz I don't want any shenanigans with my money!ok rant done sorry,Mick get Julie to the doc asap,that's scary,hopefully nothing serious maybe dehydrated? Hello *Sam,Lav,PPQP(we need a spa getaway!)Pie and Det I love you all seriously, I know it sounds like I just toss it out there but I love you guys like friends and Istand by that firmly,have a great day all:) SF too!

July 13th, 2016, 09:12 AM
Did somebody say Spa Getaway?? Oh, pulease count me in! Good on you, Pauly for just going to bed when the crazy thoughts started. I used that trick more than once myself. My canine crew is god, though it's time for their annual exams and vaccines. Has Kuya been around? Would love to get her opinion on continuing vaccines for senior dogs.

A neighbor has gotten herself a little crossways with contractor over her condo renovation. Told her I'm happy to help, but she must get the A/C back on first. Totally can NOT take working in 100+ temps.

Have a great Wednesday the 13th, y'all.

July 13th, 2016, 04:12 PM
Good afternoon Abbers!

Dinnertime here but I don't feel like cooking just yet, ha ha!

Welcome home Mick!
I sure hope Julie got to see the doc today. Does she have any history of migraines or something of that nature? Maybe you guys just need some downtime after all that travelling.

Hey there Sam, you busy guy ;)

PQ, plug in some guided meditations. They really helped me settle down the damn monkey mind. Hope you have a better night tonight.

Pauly, I am sorry you have to work with such low class individuals, that's just BS :(
You can't control anything but yourself so remember to be kind & take good care of yourself.

Pie, I am getting to the point of refusing certain vaccines for my older dog. She gets sick so easily these days, they just don't seem worthwhile. She spends very little time outside these days & has no contact with any neighbor dogs.
I hope you are staying cool!!!

Ok, I guess I'll fix something to eat even though the summer heat wrecks my appetite. I make up for it during the winter though, Lol

Peace to everyone!


July 13th, 2016, 05:39 PM
I wish the heat would make me lose my appetite Lav,seems to be set on turbo atm haha!

July 13th, 2016, 07:06 PM
OMG....I F'n lost it at work today. The ex called early this morning and if I'd noticed the number I wouldn't have answered. He started yelling and screaming at me telling me he's not going to sell Duchess place. The buyer doesn't want him living in the house so he's looking at buying more property in Saskatchewan to move the house onto. I lost it. Told him the caveats go back on Sep 30th. Told him I couldn't F'n take it anymore. Him yelling and screaming at me everyday and changing the plan every 5 minutes. Then I hung up. I'm not going to talk to him again. The boss came out shortly after and asked if I was ok. I said yes and apologized for that. He said not your fault, he understood.
When I got home there were 3 voice messages all recordings of you broke my heart, can't live without you, thought you'd come back cowboy songs. I think he's really lost it.
Sorry but just really needed to vent......:sad:PPQP

July 13th, 2016, 09:21 PM
Yikes PPQP!!annoying as hell,here's a:hug: try and get some rest hon,sheesh he's losing it,I'm sorry you hafta put up with his crap:(

July 13th, 2016, 10:35 PM
Mick--keep us updated on Julie. That had to be frightening

PPQ--are you legally divorced? Does he have to sell the house by a certain date? I think I'm a little lost on the background. Was he drunk singing those cowboy songs...and I know he wasn't singing...but you made laugh. I'm so sorry all this shit goes on. You have worked hard to turn your life around...hopefully this is that last road bump.

Pauly...I've been having a tough time with the wine shit at work.....combined with 25 year old snot for a boss. I find it odd that it only seems to bother me on Wed (hump day) when sales seem to escalate and Saturdays (which I know call happy couple day). I keep telling myself that I am a actually allergic to it. There are no two ways about it....to drink is to be sick an entire day---alcohol causes a bad reaction. But I know it's more the emotions I am associating with it.....because I didn't even drink wine when I was drinking. Sorry you are dealing with crap co-workers. Seems like you have to get a few wherever you go.

Just waiting for something to open up in a department I want to switch to. Then at least I don't have to handle literally hundreds of bottles of wine and their buyers. I really want to go into prepared foods....I like the idea of learning to cook some of these dishes while being paid for it:). Plus, I really like a lot of people on that crew.