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July 8th, 2007, 03:50 PM
I'm just curious what other people use as their personal suggestions (the ones you make up yourself). Of course, if its too personal, I understand. I'm just having fun coming up w/new ones for myself so I'm curious what other people use.

These are the first ones I came up with and did these for about a month...

* Drinking is not a contest
(because I have the habit of trying to out-drink other people and I know this is crazy! LOL)

* I am fun and have fun without drinking too much
(because I worry that I won't be fun or have as good of a time if I limit my alcohol)

I feel like those have worked pretty well so now I've moved onto these new ones which I just started a couple days ago...

* I prefer not to drink at home
(because I've decided to be AF most days and only mod when I am out socially - although the Naltrexone and supps/vitamins have gotten rid of most of my cravings, I still occasionally miss the ritual of having drinks at home at the end of the day)

* I make goals and achieve goals at home because I do not drink at home
(because I really want to become more productive at home w/the time I used to waste on drinking)

I think I have become somewhat addicted to these hypno tapes now. They are so relaxing and make me feel so empowered w/positive thinking. :)

July 8th, 2007, 05:21 PM
those are great ones Adagirl... mine are similar:

-I don't need alcohol to be happy

-I don't need alcohol to be confident

-I AM confident and happy

I have used others but it's funny I don't remember them in a conscious state.

Taking Control
July 16th, 2007, 02:22 PM

I have been using your "I prefer not to drink at home" and "I make goals and achieve them because I do not drink at home". They seem to be helping me.

I've just added "Alcohol is poison to my body. I prefer to fuel my body only with healthy beverages."

I have been having a difficult time coming up with suggestions. I tend to complicate simple things at times. I'd also be interested in sayings that work for other members.


July 16th, 2007, 02:28 PM
Hey - Thanks for this input. My AF is going very well and I am not craving, but I see that I could use this tool to more effectively substitute positive behaviors. I am not drinking, but I am also not exercising, eating only healthy foods, etc.

Another wierd thing - when I transferred my CDs to my Itunes so I could put them on ipod - one of the titles came up as "How to Get Rich" or something. Well, I have not gotten rich (although I have not been listening to the tracks) so perhaps that is a mistake in labels? Has anyone else experienced this while transferring their CDs?


July 16th, 2007, 02:31 PM
Good question. It'll be interesting to see what other people use

I'm not going to poison my body.

I am happy not to drink.

July 16th, 2007, 04:06 PM
Hmmm....Great thread - I can see a possible improvement but framing my stuff in a more positive way. My main things right now are:

I do not drink alcohol.
I do not want to drink alcohol.
I hate the taste of alcohol.
My favorite beverate is water with a lemon wedge.
I do not smoke cigarettes.

I will work on ways to get at those points in more positive way. I'M JUST ALWAYS SO DANG NEGATIVE!!! ;)

For now I'm resisting the urge to make a "Santa Wish List" as long as my arm. Anyone else have opinions on that particular urge and/or how "more things" might water down the message? I've never done hypno of any kind before.

Funny - when one of those inevitable "thought so drinking" crossed my mind earlier today, I was actually imagining first a sip of wine. In my mind it was gag inducing. I was happy about that. Then I tried out my imagination on a Voddy drink. Same thing. I gotta keep up on this hypno.

Looking forward to more good ideas on workin' this to the max.

IT'S 4:05 in my time zone!! That means I am now officially 5 minutes into Day 7 AF
YEAH!!! I am rewarding myself with 7 gold stars *******!!!!!! (my apologies for blatent and over the top self congratulations...sometimes I think more of us should do that though)

July 19th, 2007, 04:14 PM
doggygirl-- you done good.
your points are great and you are not negative to negate the negative things.

ps. If you can do 7 AF you can do whatever you want.

July 19th, 2007, 05:07 PM
I try to keep the suggestions in positive language ...

- I enjoy being alcohol free (during abs)
- I automatically order a club soda with lime when I'm out
- I deserve pristine self-care

I think some of the problems I've had with mods is that I'd stopped using the hypno CDs except for Sleep learning. So I'm back on track with the CDs starting this week!

Roberta Jewell
July 19th, 2007, 06:09 PM

Great thread. And yes to framing suggestions in a positive context. Some say the subconscious does not evaluate negators (e.g. "I am not" may be interpreted as "I am"). Everyone's different, but to be safe, I would recommend phrasing many of your affirmations in the positive. For example:

* I desire only healthy beverages
* I am free of my craving for alcohol
* I am stronger than any addiction
* I attract health and happiness into my life
* I am happy and confident and alcohol free
* I am fun to be around when I drink healthy beverages
* I look better [feel better/sleep better, etc.] when I drink healthy beverages

These are all somewhat general but you get the idea. It's good to be as specific as possible.

Also, I've read a bit about the work of Emile Coue, the father of autosuggestion (best known for his "Every day in every way I am getting better and better.") An excellent overview about his life and work is here (http://www.successfulhypnotherapy.com/articles_coue.html) and I highly recommend it.

You can incorporate Coue's techniques, which include time references, detailed sensory descriptors, and affirmations couched in present terms. So your suggestions might go something like this:

* I am ready to quit drinking
* Every day I am happy to drink healthy beverages
* My body is filled with boundless energy now that I live a healthy lifestyle
* I am happy and proud of how far I have come
* I enjoy the taste of my cool lemon water [or other alternative beverage], it is the most refreshing and satisfying beverage for me

Just some ideas. Be sure and check out that link above for more tips.

Oh, and Pansy, regarding the CD labeling (How to Get Rich). The hypnotherapy CDs are the exact length as one of Tony Robbins' of that name. When imported into iTunes your computer makes a connection to a centralized database with many other titles in the "Spoken Words" category and tries to make a match. You're asked to select the correct one. A couple of them are offered, along with the hypnotherapy titles. We've done everything we can to clear this up, but I believe they were added to the database early on so it's been difficult to address. You should have been offered the correct title from the pull down menu, but if not please check in iTunes: Advanced ->CD Track Names. If you accidentally selected the wrong name, this won't affect the content on the CD. Simply select the title, then right click and enter the name. It's just a matter of getting it labeled properly on your computer or device.

Hope this helps, and thanks.