Hello Dr. Garcia,

I have some questions about taking the supplements.

1) Amino Acids - I have read the book "Seven Weeks to Sobriety" where it was strongly emphasized that amino acids should be taken between meals on an empty stomach. When I tried that program I had a lot of problems with heartburn or acid reflux from the amino acids. In the MWO program it looks like the amino acids are to be taken with or after breakfast, which I think my stomach would handle better. But can the amino acids be as effective when taken with food?

2) Kudzu - How does the kudzu extract in MWO compare to the root startch that I use to thicken sauces? Because Kudzu is a startch, should more water be taken with the supplement?

3) Calms Forte - isn't this more potent than "Calms," and mainly for sleep at night? I'm wondering if Forte will make me sleepy during the day. Should I take Calms during the day and Calms Forte at night?