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      A Little Guidance

      Hi Dr. Garcia,

      Just looking for some direction. I'm new to this. I've ordered the program and was hoping to moderate my consumption without the use of drugs but would like your thoughts.

      I've never been a daily drinker, although recently I've been drinking more frequently since my husband retired and is home. With increased regularity, we've been having 1-3 glasses of wine with dinner- a habit formed over our reunion dinners and "date nights' when we didn't see each other all week due to his business travel schedule. (Now it's too much of a good thing) Prior to that I'd drink maybe 2-3 times per week- usually 2-4 glasses of wine depending on how long we waited for a table for dinner. I can go without anything for days.

      I have two identifiable issues that I don't like 1)is that I tend to drink too fast, 2) I sometimes get into what I call "party mode" and just don't use good sense. When I drink too fast I tend to forget that my plan was to switch to soda after one or two. I just end up consuming more than I'd like, but rarely get too tipsy.

      Occasionally, but with more frequency lately, I feel this "party mode" come over me. I feel it before I even drink and once I start I get even more into it. I can identify the feeling, but generally when it comes on I'm just in the mood to celebrate and play and I don't care about moderation. It generally revolves around an event or a gathering of people I really enjoy and am happy to see.

      For what ever it's worth, I do some times experience this feeling with other triggers...like exercise, and don't have any desire to drink. It's almost like an endorphin effect. It's the combination of the social situation and the excited feeling that is dangerous to me. I throw caution to the wind. I don't usually get too tipsy, but sometimes I do and that embarrasses me and my husband...not to mention it being a bad example for my kids. Would this be a craving? Do you think I have a chance at success without the drugs? Other than this scenario, I really do not feel any sort of craving or urge to drink. I am struggling with whether my issue is chemically induced or behaviorally.

      Please let me know your thoughts and thank you for your help..

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      A Little Guidance

      Hi and thanks for your insights.

      What I'm picking up most is your increasing concern with this "party mode" and the drinking associated with it. Carolyn Knapp in her compelling book, Drinking-A Love Story, also describes various stages. She had a similar experience when her lover wanted her to savor the "rich fruity but chocolate smokey Merlot". She, on the other hand, simply wanted to slug it down to get that buzz in her brain.

      I suggest you visit the wonderful research area and forums in this website that RJ has compiled and see if you notice a pattern with your alcohol consumption. You might also give yourself an opportunity to not drink for two weeks and see how you feel. If you still have cravings or you have the the "need" to consume alcohol as a reward or to unwind from stresses, I would suggest starting the MWO full program in full.

      Again, thank you for sharing your concerns and insights.

      --Dr. Garcia

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