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    Husbands drinking addiction has turned me into a monster.

    harishnayak;930379 wrote: Im a drinking husband w/o any violence or harm to anyone. My wife doesn't say anything to me even though i drink everyday ( this is still a mystery for me ).

    Have been trying to quit for a while due to health reasons but dont see any motivation to do so
    I feel for you too HN. I'm going to do it, partly for health reasons, also partly because my husband hates it. It's caused a fair amount of arguments between us, he is teetotal now because he hates the affect AL has on me. So if I drink (I dont even drink every day) he gets judgmental, goes off into a sulk, we argue (with me actually being the passive, calm one) and then I drink even more as an emotional crutch.

    So it's frightening and what worries me is that I know deep down, I'm not really doing it for me. And maybe that's just setting myself up for failure. But I want to make things better for him, and for our 2 children and I'm the only one who can do it. I guess I just want to be the bigger person.

    Stacey - I really hope things get better for you. My husband would totally get where you're coming from.

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    Husbands drinking addiction has turned me into a monster.

    I might advice you to take him to a doctor and get some medication as well as therapies from him to treat this bad habit of your husband. He can be healed if taken proper care and medication. You need to act fast before he does something insane.

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    Husbands drinking addiction has turned me into a monster.

    The first post was nearly 2 years ago. No telling what happened. I hope her husband (and she) got some help.

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    Husbands drinking addiction has turned me into a monster.

    Doctors fail consistently. Give him warm hugs and leave him alone.

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