hi everyone

and especially kradle.

My husband is an alcoholic...I actually never drank until we got together 13 years ago, and then i got in the habit of drinking with him all the time. The funny thing is, his drinking has sort of steadied, he is still sort of drunk every night, but not to the degree i was. I understand where your husband is coming from, I begged my partner for many years to give up, then just joined him. It was a way for me to deal with the anger i felt towards his drinking. I actually have more understanding now that i have developed my own alcohol problem.

I think when your husband sees the changes in you,and believes they are there to stay , some of his resentment may leave? Can both of you go to a counselor? It really sounds like he needs to be able to express whats hes feeling, and it may be a more supportive place for you to be able to hear it.

I think it must be very hard for you to have him acting like this...dont let it stop your amazing efforts though. And please do not let the guilt get to you too much.

I'm rambling, been a long day. I hope things go well for you. (((hugs)))