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    Please help me help my friend


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    Please help me help my friend

    nancy;1100609 wrote: Hello

    Sounds like you are going though a lot. I guess one thing that struck me is that you don't seem to mention whether she has any inclination to stop. Sticking around someone who is failing at stopping I think is different from someone who is not aware or in denial. Either you haven't talked to her about it or she has not shared this with you.

    If she does recognize it as a problem I think there might be hope, but if not, well things don't look very good and I think you need to move on.

    Also, is this woman really attracted to you romantically? Or do you get the sense more maybe not, that you are more of a friend, despite this one date. And in that case, you really need to move on. It's hard to move on, but we all have to do it sometimes.

    Nancy hit the nail right on the head. Does she want to quit? You can try to impress upon her the importance of getting sober (the pancreatitis thing is very scary, and dangerous), but at the end of the day, if she doesn't want to quit drinking...well, she won't.

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    Please help me help my friend

    I secretly prayed for years that someone would care enough about me to ask me to stop. It never happened. If she is on the same page with you, then you have a chance. If she is not ready then this could destroy you.

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    Please help me help my friend

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