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    Son with Newborn is a Binge Drinker

    SoberSoul, I hope everything works out well for you. I will be thinking of you and sending you the very best of wishes.

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    Son with Newborn is a Binge Drinker

    I like the suggestions about treating them to time to themselves and taking the baby in to sleep with you. Is she breast feeding? I assume not since she's drinking so much.

    If you have an iPhone or iPod, perhaps you can videotape them for a few minutes during an argument to show him how bad they really are. It could be a wake up call.

    I have an autistic son who would film my husband and I arguing without us knowing it and we would find him replaying it and it definately curbed our arguing. (He was in a phase when he taped everything.... He didn't really realize it was 'arguing".... If you are familiar with autism, you'll know what I mean) Anyway, it maybe some thing to try.

    You're a good grandmother!

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    Son with Newborn is a Binge Drinker

    Naltrexone and the Sinclair Method appears very successful with binge drinkers, however like any other method of getting sober they have to want it. All you can do is be there in case they do show interest, and of course make sure the baby is safe.

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    Son with Newborn is a Binge Drinker

    Do you have "neighbors" close by? Perhaps a "neighbor" could call the police during an fierce argument. People will often not listen to their family, but if outside authorities are called in, it is a wake-up call. If it is just an argument, it is unlikely that there will be an real consequences besides the police coming and asking them to calm down, but it hopefully will make an impression upon them.

    If this behavior continues, I suggest you contact child welfare services in your area. The call is anonymous, but they will be investigated. They would not meet the criteria for having the child removed at all, but it would certainly force them to confront the unhealthy environment they are providing for their child. I'm sorry if I sound like a hard-liner. I am a social worker, and I am concerned about the level of your son's denial. They sound like wonderful parents for the most part, and at this point, the baby is still unaware of what is going on, but I fear for the child down the road. You are a good grandma to be so concerned. I'm sorry for the child. I hope they get help soon. Good luck.


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