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Thread: Daily Food Log

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    Daily Food Log

    For those interested in keeping track.

    B: 3/4 C cereal 120C 1.5 g fat
    1/2 C 1% Milk 55C 1.25g fat

    S: Pineapple & lime Gel 90C 0 g fat

    L: 1can veg beef soup 200C 2 fat

    1 ounce wheat thins 120C 4 g fat

    695 cal
    8.75g fat

    S: pineapple and lime gel with ff whipped cream 120C 0g fat
    D: Oriental Chicken Salad light on the dressing. ??

    S:Jello with ff whipped cream

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    Daily Food Log

    Well said Rachele :H

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