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      is Changing my thinking cuz the
      same old thinking leads to the
      same old drinking
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      How to protect Liver and make it healthy ?


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      How to protect Liver and make it healthy ?

      Milk thistle is supposed to be quite beneficial to the liver and is supposed to help repair the liver and regenerate liver cells.
      I totally aggree with reducing sugar. Now they are saying no more than 6t of sugar of day is what our consumption should be.

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      is Trying again - for me....
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      How to protect Liver and make it healthy ?

      NASH (non alcoholic steatohepatitis) NASH is on the increase, because it is associated with metabolic syndrome, central obesity, type 2 diabetes, hyperlipidemia...the things we see in our culture. It is basically fatty liver disease but not from alcohol.

      Fibrosis is how the liver responds to damage, First it usually gets macrosteatosis (fatty) . It gets damaged by something (beccomes fatty) then in some people heals with a scar. The scar is fibrosis. Fibrosis progresses through stages (bridging is last) to cirrhosis. That whole process takes like 10 years + usually.

      The fatty part is reversible. People can go out and binge drink and have 30% macro the next few days then give the liver a rest and it will be normal again. Sugar and excess fat has similar effect. The scarring is what cannot be reversed, so look after your liver before that stage.

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      How to protect Liver and make it healthy ?

      bettygirl;1528276 wrote: milk thistle, dandelion, and believe it or not, coffee are liver protectants. but the best thing is a good diet and no alcohol. also, use as little tylenol as possible, as it is hepatotoxic in high doses.
      Oh I love coffee , thanks for this one you saved my liver.

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      How to protect Liver and make it healthy ?

      Hi Allandol,
      To protect liver and make it healthy, eat foods rich in antioxidant, drink more water than routine and avoid stimulants. Avoid using antibiotics and limit your salt and sugar intake. Engage in regular workouts, remember to laugh and manage stress.

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