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    New Personal Best

    I started running last year in the gym with a target to reach 5k in 30 minutes. I followed the C25K programme and got there within 3 months. I kept at it ever since bu never got past 42 minutes / 7k. Today, on Day 36 AF, I jumped on the treadmill and felt like a million dollars. I started to run, and just kept on going. I completed 10k in 59 min 42 sec. I had planned to try for a 10k run next year but I just went and did it without planning to or thinking about it. I couldn't have done this whilst drinking. I feel such a sense of achievement it is like I am a new person. Betcha I can't walk now until Wednesday when I wake up tomorrow:H

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    New Personal Best

    That is BADASS! Good for you, even if you can't walk tomorrow, the sense of satisfaction is sure to be more than worth it Great going!!!

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    Good for you and not everyone can do that.

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    New Personal Best

    I do plan to do jogging because I think it's a good way to detox alcohol in the blood but I'm kind a busy with my job so I don't find time to do it. anyways I envy you mate.

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