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    Exercising my way to sobriety

    One of the main reasons I decided recently to start taking Disulfiram was to quit drinking long enough to get myself in serious shape.

    I love going to the gym, and work out hard when I'm there, but never seem to gain the results one would expect to get from it - namely a gut that just won't go away, and a general "puffiness" of the skin. My husband, who's a "normal" drinker (lucky bastard!), enlightened me to the fact that I'm actually negating all my hard work in the gym by drinking a ton afterwards. Common sense, right?

    Sure enough - 6 days sober and my perma-gut and puffiness has disappeared! Not only that, I magically have more energy and stamina for my work-outs.

    I was at the gym yesterday (Saturday morning), and talked to at least 4 ppl who complained to me of being hungover. I did a happy dance in my head then, feeling so grateful to not be in the same boat as them.

    Let's see what results I get after a whole month of this!

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    Exercising my way to sobriety

    Nice job freeby40. How are your workouts going?

    I am using exercise as both a tool and a motivator. As a tool, it is helping me get healthier and sweat the toxins out of my body. It also motivates me not to drink, partly because I love to work out and want to feel well enough to do so, and partly because I don't want to do all that hard physical work and then just negate it by drinking (just like you said).

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    Exercising my way to sobriety

    Freeby and Wagmore, I love that I can now exercise more easily - like you Freeby, I always kept at it but so much better without the booze. Getting at least 6 sessions a week, mixing gym, cycle and swimming.
    I feel great after a workout, especially swimming.....already getting a better shape - the weight will gradually come off as the muscles build......

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