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11 Years of being Steadfast

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    11 Years of being Steadfast

    Hello people!

    I haven’t been posting much except for the occasional check in on the Newbies Nest Roll Call. Just that simple check-in helps keep me on track, along with giving me the chance to see how others are going, and exchange a hello here and there. Might seem like a small thing, but it helps enormously!

    Today marks 11 years sober for me, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to once again express my gratitude to all (and I mean all) at My Way Out. The website post upgrade is really great, and I thank Jod and all admin for making it so.

    The MWO community is a friendly, diverse and caring one. We’re all different, but we share that same desire to live our best life, without being held back by problem drinking. Each individual here has their unique story, but something I learned from MWO was how similar the battles can be. It was a relief to not feel so alone with it.

    Many people on here have helped me along the way. There’s a lot of power and strength when people get together to support each other. Bless you all.

    Forever and always,
    Steadfast (aka Steady)

    AF free since April 29, 2013

    CONGRATS on your 11 years AF Steady!!!!!!
    I love seeing folks succeed in banishing the beast to live the lives they really want. Keep going!

    AF since 03/26/09
    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time :thumbs:


      Thanks @Lav,

      Isn't this sober thing a great adventure?!

      Stay well & best wishes,
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      AF free since April 29, 2013


        Hiya SF ...well done on your 11 years..apologies for not replying earlier is cathartic posting on here ..sometimes life gets in the way!! but totally agree ...this place helps ..take care and many many more af years for you
        af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 12


          Thanks, Mick , I wish you the same!
          AF free since April 29, 2013


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