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Thread: Sobriety

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    Its so good to see so many people on here reaching goals and staying AF, which is for me the only option. There have been a lot of people with 1 month, 3months, 9 months sober etc and I can only commend you all and your methods for maintaining your sobriety (whatever works for YOU). It's always nice to see as well when it is actually someone else who remembers this achievement and is willing to act accordingly. It really strengthens the belief on here that there is no segregation when it comes to living an Alcohol free life. We all need help and support from time to time in achieving our goals and hearing about others who may be further ahead in their sobriety than us can only give us hope and inspiration to stay focused on our own.

    My well wishes and deepest respect to everyone battling to stay AF and not just those celebrating birthdays. We are all in this together! :l

    Love and Happiness

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    Thanks, Hippie.. what a wonderful post.


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    Together we are Hippie, all the best, wonderful post

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    yeh, that's so true, Hippie. This is a great place and it's great to have you among us.

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