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    The Best Journal

    I did a search tonight on "me". On me "here".

    This time last year I was a daily poster on the Monthly Moderation thread, and as some share their story later rather than at first, it was really awesome to go back and read the last year of my posts. I'm so glad I posted everyday (almost!) under Monthly Moderation, because I can really see myself through the year, and here again. It was a great journal. I actually posted "my story" on a thread in Monthly Mods, because that was the only way I could.

    I really miss people here too..... I look at that thread and the ones who encouraged me so much are no longer here. Except Lushy! (thanks Lushy!)

    I was "Allie" then.. and so much has changed.

    Love you all...

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    The Best Journal

    I know what you mean Allie. Things have changed so much since we all first found this site. Not in a bad way but in a different way. This site has grown so incredibly much in just the last 3-4 months it is amazing. I look back on old posts and miss the people that used to be here but am grateful for the "oldies" that stuck it out and for the newer people I have met.

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