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Thread: glad i am back

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    glad i am back

    just a wee quick check in before bedtime ,,,,,want to thank everyone again for there kind and supportive words ,,,i wrote on my thread that as i had not been here for a while and cause i was doing soo well i FORGOT i had a problem til i had a bad day well fri night but suffered sat but this place keeps it real and that is what i need,i just cannot become too complacent which i was doing but no more

    anyway i off to bed and see you all soon

    :h maryt

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    glad i am back

    Hi maryt........glad you`re back.
    I think we come to the site for all sorts of different reasons, least not to keep us on the straight and narrow lol
    I log in every day, firstly because I want to, but I`m very aware that I need to come here every day so as not to slip back to being the drunken version of me.

    Starlight Impress x

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    glad i am back

    Well I'm glad that you are back too Mary,
    This place does, as you say "keeps it real".. Love that saying.
    All the best to you

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    glad i am back

    Hi Maryt: I don't believe I met you before, but I'm sure happy to see you here. Welcome back. Post as often as you can to let us know how you are doing. -Reenie

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    glad i am back

    Every day I like to think I'm gradually growing further and further away from drink. I still need to be vigilant though and not become complacent (like you said M). My first attempt to quit the booze 10 years ago lasted 6 months because I was complacent and thought I could handle moderating my drink after that. I had a serious thinking problem back then though also which didn't help me one iota!!!

    Love and Happiness

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