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    Hot baths or Whatever

    You know, I was thinking today as I was lingering in the tub...

    I have been "treating" myself to some lovely hot baths in the morning AND evenings with the heater in the bathroom.

    I even pump the heater up to 78 degrees!!!! (25.5 C) and enjoying every minute of it.

    I have been reading other people talking about taking hot bubble baths to relax and get rid of the the craving anxiety.

    This is not a bad idea. Truly.

    1. Warm (or as hot as you can stand it) water will help draw the toxins out. 2. Warm water will help reduce anxiety and cravings at the same time. 3. Warm (or as hot as you can stand it) will help calm you down..... ( read #2)

    So, okay. I do this now. I pull a heater into the bathroom, pump the heat up to 78 degrees, wait until the bathroom is warmed, run the bath, and then relax.

    The rest of my day is lovely until I see my daughter who is sick as a dog. However, if I had not done the former, I could not take the ladder.

    For all of us alkies, especially those going through withdrawals (if you need meds, PLEASE SEE YOUR DOCTOR) take warm (or in my case HOT) baths and then face the day. It makes life soooo much better. Even if you are facing some tough sh*t. I mean this, I am not kidding.

    Women may love some bubbles, men may love some "therapeutic" salts.

    It simply does not matter.

    The heat, the steam, the time alone, the silence is awesome.

    Try it, everyone. It helps me.


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    Hot baths or Whatever

    Considering its 35*C outside and inside my bathroom, the prospect of a hot bath is enough to send me into conniptions!

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    Hot baths or Whatever

    Cindi...I would just add one thing...... the clearing no. 2 cd.....where you are lying in a stream......
    Works great!
    Ohh and LOCK the door!:H

    :h Nancy

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