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    Prayer for All in Need

    I have been reading a lot of posts of people in need; these needs mainly include family and friends who are suffering physically. I usually do not respond to these posts, but I sit and say a silent prayer for them to make it through these obstacles. I am not a person who prays much, and I certainly am not good at creating my own, but this is something I would like to increase in my daily life. I would like to start today by offering a prayer for my fellow members for those suffering.

    Dear Lord,
    Please help my dear friends and family members at MWO.
    As a close family, we have seen a lot of suffering, and we need your guidance.
    We need strength, encouragement, and understanding.
    Please help us through the emotional and physical pain we are enduring,
    and bring us to a place of understanding, acceptance, and peace.

    Thank you,

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    Prayer for All in Need

    Lovely Lee!!!

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    Prayer for All in Need

    Sweet, and needed.

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