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    31st March, 2007.
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    Trixietrack is glad to be back

    Hi my friends at MWO. just getting back from vacation. It will take me a bit to catch up with all that I have missed while basking in the Caribbean sun.

    I was really worried that I was going to have a hard time moderating or staying sober due to the fact that I was spenidng time in a place where booze is cheap and being on vacation is a pretty heavy temptation.
    i did well, and partly because all the people I was spending time with, where non drinkers or moderators.
    I did experience one incident that I will not forget.

    I was on a boat with some friends going to one of the cays that surround the island. We saw 2 guys and a girl in the water struggling to get back on a jet sky, we approached them on the boat to helped them (good thing they had life jackets on).
    The girl was panicking, we helped her on the boat, the 2 guys appeared to be fighting . Then one of them threw a punch at the other, while they seemed to be trying to turn the jet sky over, we kept telling them to come on the boat, finally one of the guys did, the other still refused.

    We circled around the jet sky until he finally jumped up on the boat, he sat next to me and started telling us what had happened.
    he was swearing and out of control, then we realized he was totally drunk and had taken the other man and his girlfriend for a ride on his jet sky, how they didn't realize he was drunk I'll never figure it out.
    Finally the drunk guy got really belligerent and started threatening us and we called the coast guard who took him away.

    That just confirmed to me how scary and stupid being drunk could be.
    missed you all and I am glad to be back. refreshed and ready for NYC.


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    Trixietrack is glad to be back

    Wow Trixie!

    I am glad no one got hurt -- sounds like that situation could have gone really bad.

    So glad you are back... hope other than that it was a wonderful vacation, and good on you for doing so well! Those tropical drinks tend to get to me...

    Welcome home!

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    Trixietrack is glad to be back


    Sorry you are back, only because it means you are back in snow and cold and NOT in warm and fun!!

    However, really happy you had a good time (other than the incident, yikes!!) and were able to stay moderate the whole time.

    Looking forward to "seeing" you around again.



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    8th October, 2007.
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    Trixietrack is glad to be back

    Great to see ya back safe and sound trix! Sounds like a right nutter that bloke!! Sure he wasn't from New York too??!!!lol.

    Catch up with ya soon hun!

    Love and Happiness

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    Trixietrack is glad to be back

    We missed you Trixie. I hope you will post some pictures from your trip. That situation sounds like it could have been a lot worse; glad it wasn't. Also sounds like you did a good job not overdoing it. Way to go!!!

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    Trixietrack is glad to be back

    Glad to have you back Trixie! Hope you will post some pics.

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    Trixietrack is glad to be back

    Trixie my friend. I'm glad you had a nice vacation and stayed on track (get it trixietrack ha ha - forget that one)

    Isn't it interesting to see drinking from the "other side" now. Makes us just all the more committed now.

    Welcome home.

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    Trixietrack is glad to be back

    I wondered when you were going to re-appear trixie. You were gone a long time! Welcome back! You did not miss a thing here.

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    Trixietrack is glad to be back

    YAY!!! Trixie's back!!! Have missed you Trix. I thought it was about time for you to be home.........
    Love, wonder xx

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    Trixietrack is glad to be back

    heya Trixie, been a while. Glad you are doing well

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