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    23rd April, 2008.

    Something is seriously wrong!

    Hey Mia,

    I know my writing is atrocious, but bad enough to make you cry.

    Crying is a good thing. A good cry does us all good. I've done my fair share over the years believe you me!

    You know that you are better off without AL.

    Each time you fail and get back on the horse you will become stronger.

    Just realize that there are heaps of people here who have been AF for very long periods of time. If someone else can do it so can you.

    Keep on trying. I have faith in you.

    Warm Regards


    Mia;320737 wrote: You have inspired me and I had a cry. I sooooooo needed to hear what you wrote. I'm on day 2 AF once again. Even 1 day without AL feels so good. I'm sick of being hungover and prentending that I'm not. I want me back!!!! I will keep reading what you just wrote. Congradulations 36.

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    23rd April, 2008.

    Something is seriously wrong!

    Hey Gabby,

    Thanks for the support.

    I greatly appreciate it!

    Warm Regards


    gabby;320381 wrote: good stuff! keep goin

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    Something is seriously wrong!

    I'm glad that you're doing so well so quickly, Brett. Keep up the good work!

    :l :l

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    7th April, 2008.

    Something is seriously wrong!

    Mia again

    Hi 36. I am soooooo proud of you I know what it feels like to b AF! I was AF for 7 years and wow it was wonderful!!!!! I started drinking when I was 15.....stopped when I was 20 for 8 years and have not stopped drinking for 15 years and it is out of control! It's not that I look the part, hey Just want to say it is nice to hear you are doing well. I have read all your posts. Keep going because it is soooooo worth it. I have just got to get the mind set to do it again. Did not make day 2. I know what you r feeling at the moment and it is priceless...... :l

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    Something is seriously wrong!

    Brett, welcome to the world of's great isn't it? When that fog lifts and you take a look around and REALLY see what you've been missing, you wonder why on earth you didn't do this before now. Of course, we all know why.......AL gets a hold of you, digs his claws in and doesn't let go. Brett, hold on to those great feelings.......keep them close to you and when the "honeymoon" is over, compare them to those feelings of despair you had a couple of weeks ago.

    I am so very pleased for you!!!!


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    Something is seriously wrong!

    fresh-start-at-36;320755 wrote: Hey Florida,

    thanks mate!!!

    I agree, peer pressure or is it just the natural human spirit of wanting to belong, that makes us so vulnerable at times. I think a bit of both for me.

    I'm with you mate "NEVER AGAIN"!!!! I think of how that first sip makes my head feel, compared to clarity and calmness of where I am now, I will never go back.

    I know for certain that my self esteem has dramatically improved in the last 13 days. I dread to think what I'm gonna be like after a year.

    Thanks again mate

    I am feeling much better about myself too. Moreso each day. I have known for a long time what will happen when I drink...but I did it anyway. Then I would feel bad about myself. A cycle of depression induced by AL. Break the cycle and you become free.

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