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Thread: Alcohol Free

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    24th June, 2009.

    Alcohol Free

    Right here I am, alcohol free.

    As a few people will have noticed I've been flailing around for the last few days wanting to leave the forum. The truth is that I don't want to leave, and a lot of friends on here have been messaging me with support. I've been on MWO for a long time and always found it useful, as have the people I've met from here too.

    I've just been through an amazing experience with Baclofen, however it's become clear that I don't 'fit' into the topa/baclofen medication section at all. I wasn't comfortable there and this is what pre-empted my request for removal. I know I've been guilty of attention seeking for the last few days, but I could take no more of the mental anguish I was suffering in there.

    I've now asked Roberta to reverse my request for removal, and I hope I haven't caused her too much trouble.

    What I'd like to do if it's ok with everyone is talk about my journey with baclofen, as well as my past experiences with dealing with this illness. I won't bore you with titration values, scientific papers etc just my story of how I've got here(if you want to follow up there are plenty of information threads in the meds section below). All I can say is that I feel so free, and I have zero cravings even if I try and conjure up how drinking feels to me.

    I will have to add this disclaimer though - that you don't mess with baclofen(or any other medication) without reading up on it properly. I'm a bit of a trial and error person, I don't abide by rules (apart from when it could put others in danger) because I always want to break them - but that is sometimes because I don't really care about myself.

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    12th October, 2010.

    Alcohol Free

    UK , glad you didn't leave . I have always enjoyed your posts , always honest . MM

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    25th January, 2011.

    Alcohol Free

    Congratulations UK - I know your battle wasn't the easiest in the world, but I'm glad you saw it through until the end. Well worth the trouble!

    Pop in now and again, just to let us know how you are doing with titrating down - you don't even have to hang around to see the results if you don't want to. People do care, even if sometimes it comes out a little strangely.

    Very, very pleased you found indifference.

    Go well,


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    24th February, 2009.

    Alcohol Free

    Uk i am glad you are not leaving, your input here is important to everyone including of course yourself.

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    6th September, 2009.

    Alcohol Free

    ukb, i will be very interested in what you have to say.
    glad you chose to stick around.
    i myself as a pisshead, do appreciate it.

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    27th June, 2007.

    Alcohol Free

    Hi UK. I am so happy that you have found your way to sobriety - whatever way works for you is the very best way to do it!!! I haven't been on-line that much lately so did not see whatever bothersome stuff you are referring to. I will say that I have always enjoyed your HONESTY. I think you have a lot to contribute here and I'm glad to know you will be around.

    Congratulations again.


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    21st March, 2010.

    Alcohol Free

    I'm also interested in your experiences, U.K. I confess to being a bit fearful of bac, so it will be good to learn from you.

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    7th July, 2008.

    Alcohol Free

    Glad you are here Blonde, I like your no nonsense approach xx

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    29th December, 2010.

    Alcohol Free

    UKB - so glad you are going to stick around. I always get so much from your insight. And, I think it's wonderful that instead of leaving, you just switched to a different area of the website!


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    5th September, 2008.

    Alcohol Free

    I so pleased you decided to stay,UK.
    I've always loved your no-nonsense and tell it like it is posts.

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