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Thread: A little lost

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    A little lost


    I have been battling my AL addiction for about 2 years now. I am 28 and have been drinking for half that time. I have beat other things (gambling, drugs, sex) although I have even briefly relapsed with those as well. My most recent dry spell lasted three weeks. I made it five months last year. I smoke marijuana. I am a student. I am trying to make the best out of the bad hand I have been dealt in life. I try all the things I have learned, ie meditation (aka prayer), talking with others, exercise, diet, changing people places, things ect.. I am at a point where I don't know what to do anymore. AA was a joke for me. Though I did take away bits of wisdom from people that have maintained sobriety. I just don't know what to do anymore. I want to be sober and stable because I know how good that feels. I what a normal life. That is all I have ever wanted in life. Bhah. Now what? More books? One day at a time? Meditation? Vitamins and exercise? What now? I am lost at what I should try next. I am not hopeless, I have no choice but to get sober. I just want to feel happy and loved.

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    A little lost

    Mo, once you've been AF for a little while you will feel better about yourself. Maybe even happy and maybe even love yourself. Things seem to fall into place. Good for you for being open to try different things to achieve sobriety and for trying to make the most out of your life's challenges. Yes, I would suggest a good diet, supplements and exercise. I also suggest reading the MWO book. It has a great plan to follow. Do that and read and post here for support. Stay connected. Meditation and one day at a time are not bad ideas either. See what feels right after you've given your chosen modality(s) some time.

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    A little lost

    Hey Mo

    Welcome! Don't despair; everyone here has been in
    your shoes. You CAN do it.
    Addictive behaviors are hard to change but
    not impossible. Once your head gets clear
    you may be able to see that you deserve a good
    life, that you are worth the effort.
    Your post sounds to me like you have some
    good insight.
    Keep trying and come here for support.

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    A little lost

    You can do this! Welcome to this group Mo! I am 24 and I am five months sober and I also have been working on this for nearly 2 years. I would recommend reading the and set up a plan and stick to it. Set up a support group both online and offline and yes take it ODAAT. Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow, and concentrate on today, today, and don't fret about yesterday, today because yesterday is done and there is no changing yesterday, but you can change today, and you can change tomorrow somewhat.

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    A little lost

    Welcome Mo. Thanks for your honesty and admissions of trying all kinds of things to do the trick for you. I, too would love there to be a magic bullet to solve my penchant for drinking. Unfortunately as you know after beating other bad habits, that it really takes strength of character and a 100% commitment.

    Let's keep trying and one day we won't be able to remember the last time we had a drink.

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    A little lost

    Mo, I read so many posts by people who say that it really does get easier and life gets better. So, even though it's tough now, some day you won't even think much about alcohol according to many wise people here who have several years of sobriety under their belts. Get a handle on it while you're still young!

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