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    Journal of sorts

    ignore this. drunk emo post.

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    Journal of sorts

    Inchy, have you tried any meds? So many people are having success with the Bac - would that be an option for you? You're sounding so hopeless. It's really a shame we do this to ourselves if there's an alternate way out. Antabuse, Nal?

    Sending you peace and strength.

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    Journal of sorts

    You are here. That is the first step. You are telling us that you are deeply unhappy and see no way out. We hear you. There are people on this site that are on their way to offer you concrete piece of advice and if you are not ready for advice, there will be offers of an ear to listen to you. Your pain is real and we, some of us, have been that low. Those people will respond to you. I am a person who can't change. Alcohol has not ruined my life but I am young, not in years but in the years I have abused alcohol. I wish you happiness. You've taken the first, fragile step. You are here.

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    Journal of sorts

    IC - welcome back! There are a few of us back again - and you did so well the first time, 45 days is great, you can do it again. This place is just as welcoming and as supportive as before, and you will get the help here. There is a thread for oldtimers coming back again, and I feel so great getting back on track again, tonight I am finishing my first week - would love to see you post the same next week? You worked really hard last time, I remember your posts, do it again IC!!!:l

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