Thank you ALL for your kind words and encouragement! 'Did' this program once before, lasted 90 days, and then threw in the towel on a trip to Napa. Never was brave enough to post before though. This time just feels different. I think that connection and support was missing. Keep thinking how ByrdLady said he wants a drinking buddy. Very true- that seems to makes it ok somehow, doesn't it? The kids and I just got back from the Cheesecake Factory and ordered 4 different types! If you've ever been there, you know that's a disgustingly, yummy treat! We couldn't even finish our pieces, but we are so full, the thought of that champagne literally makes me sick! I'm glad. Hubby will be really mad, but I really don't care. Finally, yes NoraC! It is amazing here today! Usually I spend the weekend inside- sipping- today I'm all outside! Just need to get through the witching/dinner hour and I'm one more day free! Enjoying and glad I will remember it all tomorrow!