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    THIQ in the brain

    More easy to ready science...I'm researching the nutrients that clear the THIQ components such as acetylaldehyde..


    T.H.I.Q. --Biochemical Culprit
    Heredity studies, done all over the world, clearly show that genetics is far more significant in determining whether or not you'll be an alcoholic than any other single factor. Genetics is more significant than any combination of social or environmental factors examined.

    The report is not saying that a person is born an alcoholic. However, evidence is conclusive that some people are indeed at greater risks to alcoholism because of their heredity, and if they ever start drinking they run a high risk of developing the disease.

    If you love your children don't condemn them with a high chance of getting this disease, stop your drinking!

    T.H.I.Q. was discovered in brains of alcoholics in Houston, Texas by a scientist named Virginia Davis who was doing cancer research. For her study she needed fresh human brains and used bodies of homeless winos who had died during the night and were picked up by Houston police in the morning.

    She discovered in the brains of those chronic alcoholics a substance that is closely related to Heroin. This substance, known to scientists, is called Tetrahydrolsoqulnoline or THIQ When a person shoots heroin into their body, some of it breaks down and turns into THIQ The Alcoholics studied had not been using heroin so how did the THIQ get there?

    When the normal adult drinker takes in alcohol, it is very rapidly eliminated at the rate of about one drink per hour. The body first converts the alcohol into something called Acetaldehyde. This chemical is VERY TOXIC and if it were to build up inside us, we would get VIOLENTLY SICK AND COULD DIE. But Mother Nature helps us to get rid of acetaldehyde very quickly. She efficiently changes it a couple of more times - into carbon dioxide and water - which is eliminated through kidneys and lungs. That's what happens to normal drinkers. It also happens with alcoholic drinkers, but with alcoholic drinkers something additional happens.

    What Virginia discovered in Houston has been extensively confirmed since. In alcoholic drinkers, a very small amount of poisonous acetaldehyde is not eliminated. Instead it goes to the brain. There through a very complicated biochemical process, it winds up as THIQ

    Research has found the following:

    THIQ is manufactured in the brain and only occurs in the brain of the alcoholic drinker. It is not manufactured in the brain of the normal social drinker of alcohol.

    THIQ has been found to be highly addictive. It was tried in experimental use with animals during the Second World War when we were looking for a painkiller less addicting than morphine. THIQ was a pretty good pain killer but t couldn't be used on humans. It turned out to be much more addicting than morphine.

    Experiments have shown that certain kinds of rats cannot be made to drink alcohol. Put in a cage with very weak solution of vodka and water., these rats refuse to touch it. They will literally thirst to death before the agree to drink alcohol. However, if you take the same kind of rat and put a minute quantity of THIQ into the rat's brain -- one quick injection -- the animal will immediately develope a preference for alcohol over water.

    Studies done with monkeys, our close animal relative in medical terms, show the following:

    A. Once the THIQ is injected into a monkey's brain, it stays there.

    B. You can keep the monkey dry off alcohol for 7 years but brain studies

    show that THIQ remains in place in the brain.

    The alcoholic's body, like normal drinkers, changes the alcohol into acetaldehyde and then it changes most of it into carbon dioxide and water, which in the end kicks out through the kidneys and lungs. However, the alcoholic's bodies won't kick all these chemicals out. The Alcoholic's brain holds a few bits back and transforms them into THIQ. As THIQ is accumulated in the brain of an alhoholic, at some point, maybe sooner, maybe later, the alcoholic will cross over a shadowy line into a whole new way of living.

    It is not known by medical science, at this time, where this line is or how much THIQ an individual brain will pile up before one crosses this line. Some predisposed people cross the line while they're teenagers, or earlier. Others cross in their 30's or 40's and others after retirement. But once this happens the alcoholic will be as hooked on alcohol, as he would have been hooked on heroin if he'd been shooting that instead.

    Now comes the loss of control. Now it's chronic. progressive and incurable. Now it's all to clearly a disease.


    Alcoholism is a disease.

    Alcoholism is not the alcoholic's fault.

    Alcoholics can get proper treatment for the disease, which begins with telling them these facts.

    The alcoholic can be relieved of guilt.

    The alcoholic can take on responsibility for arresting their disease.

    The alcoholic can refuse to put more THIQ in their brains and refuse to activate the THIQ that is already there.

    Alcoholics can and do recover.

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    THIQ in the brain

    cv - thanks for this post. This is very interesting and supports what I have long thought about alcohol addiction. I hope that, someday, the medical community will take a different approach to alcoholism. So many folks have suffered with this disease that could have been helped with the proper attitude toward treatment. I wonder if the reason the Topamax is effective is because it has some effect on the THIQ?

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