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    something is wrong wiht aunt diane

    I vaguely remember the story but didn't know about the documentary. Watched it yesterday.

    So sad, on so many levels.

    With them working opposite shifts (and her husband being clueless in general), it is entirely possible that he didn't know of her drinking. I speak from experience; one can get it down to a science.. when to start drinking, for how long, and how much.... to be coherent enough when one's partner gets home from work.

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    something is wrong wiht aunt diane

    I watched this today. First of all, I think Danny is creepy and don't trust the man, nor do I trust the sister-in-law. Besides that, I believe Diane could easily have hidden a drinking problem from Danny because he worked a different shift than she did, and could easily hide it from small children. Diane was a control freak (perfectionist, control, lots of characteristics of an alcoholic), and Danny was ok with that, as the sister in law said that he didn't want children from the start and he left all responsibility on her which was ok for the jerk that he is. And like someone said, hopefully poor little Bryan won't see that part of the documentary. Sad. But I think a few other factors should have gotten some attention. First, the dental problem she had which caused lots of pain. Next, how much ambien she was taking, as people have lots of bad reactions to this drug. The type of tooth problem she had can cause strokes and they didn't even address that in the autopsy. The way she was described as having a poker straight face while driving the wrong way (ambien related?). Too many questions to form an opinion of what really happened. I do think she was drunk but self medicating with the vodka because of the tooth problem, or too much stress of having to do everything all the time. and trying to be perfect.

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    something is wrong wiht aunt diane

    If anyone has HBO, you can see this on HBO on demand. I hid my drinking from my husband for years. Of course she could have hidden it. That's what lots of women alcoholics do. There are hundreds of ways to hide. Just find the thread on "where were your alcohol hiding places".

    It doesn't mean it wasn't tragic for everyone involved, but absolutely she could have hidden it. It's not that hard to do.

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