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CAN'T watch it!! drives me mad! was just on the phone to Jilly --- she was in Buffalo (spl) for the weekend --- you would WANT to see the gear she bought there -- FABULOUS clothes and boots and shit --- for half nothing --- deffo going to make a trip down there next year with her --- it's only a two hour drive ----

need to save some money first --- she's making so many plans for christmas I'm getting nervous!! we're going to Leopardstown races Stephens Day apparently --- sure mebbe I'll win a fortune ;-)

I'm going to bed lads --- I'm just so tired it isn't funny --- I've to go to the doc soon re. the kidney nonsense so may get vitamin levels etc. checked --- anyways --- I'll talk tomorrow --- bank holiday so a nice lie in mmmmmmmmm night night xx
Meet yer at the races Molls - might go myself
Mr S goes every year