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    Frustration with website functions on tablets

    Today alone, TWICE, I have put forth considerable effort to try to reply to a post with thoughtful, quality substance to end up fat fingering it, then the whole post is deleted, regardless of the 'automatic save' message.

    This alienates me;as I am trying to connect with folks on here and I understand it takes time, but heck! I am not tech savvy and I guess the tech savvy thrive here.

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    Roadside, I have the same problems on my tablet and ipad as well. If I know my post will be long, or slow to type in, I do it in Word or notepad first, then copy and paste here. A bit more time, but hey, the support we have to give is worth the extra effort. In my case, I thinks it's the auto logoff since I'm not a fast typist, so lots of my posts are copy and paste lol. Have a great day my friend and keep coming back!
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    I just post from my el cheapo phone and i never have probs
    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

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