I was watching haunted history recently. This particular episode was about a Dibbuk Box. The way I understood it, the word Dibbuk is hebrew for demon. And this particular box contained a demon that attached itself to the person owning the box. After many trials and tribulations, this owner of the Dibbuk box built an Ark, or special containment box. Once placed in the Ark, the demon is unable to escape.
Recently I had something from my past come up. It felt as though something I had forgotten I owned, stuck way back in a closet, fell out. I first thought was, is that actually mine? Where did I get something that ugly. Now I do have many such things in my closet. Things that I would prefer not ever see the light of day. But as this one was brought forth I had to claim ownership and figure out just what to do with it. Now in the past I would have used this as an excuse to drink more and cry and feel sorry for myself. But that is not the way I handle these things anymore. And besides, drinking never resolved any of these issues and only made me feel worse. So after much thought, I decided I would figuratively build an Ark to store these demons from the past. Now I have a safe place to store all my personal demons. Sure, sometimes it's difficult to wrestle them into the Ark, but once they are safely stored away, this time they will stay put.